Hot Engineer

Name: Juliya
Age: 21

City: Moscow, Russia

ID#: 1878349
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

Juliya is a special case.  She admits to being , Cute.  When was the last time a tall sexy woman described herself as cute.

That’s called under promising and over delivering.  When was the last time pajamas looked this good.

When was the last time you saw an engineer that looks like this.  Never.

Juliya has that look.  The look of someone beyond her twenty-one years.  She is an old soul.

Sea green eyes and long blonde hair is a stunning combination.  In reading her profile one word jumped out at me.  Positive.

This means she’s always going to dive in to each new adventure looking for the best experience.

lady in red from Russia

It could yoga.  Could you imagine doing hot yoga with this woman?

Already at such a young age she understands the positive effects on exercise on the mind and body.

Spirituality is high on her list of priorities.  Her love of children and family speak volumes.

Scorpio women are exotic, magnetic, with minds deep as the sea.  Her moods can however change like the weather.

She is extraordinarily intuitive and keenly interested in all things esoteric.

Obviously Juliya is no follower.  Women like her are always the most popular girls in school.

They forge their own path, doing things against the grain never giving the haters a second chance.

kind and sociable blonde Russian lady

I am not looking for the perfect man, because there are no perfect people.

Wow! That means you still have a shot at this amazing lady.

This comes from a beautiful young woman year old woman.  Now that is special.

Be warned however.  Women in Moscow have higher standards than most.  They also love flowers.  Look at Juliya’s profile picture.

They surround her.  Give her flowers, buy her dinner, open her car for her, you’re on you’re way to possibly the best night of your life.

Juliya can be found at  Send flowers.

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