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Reviewed by Ed Orton on 07/19/2012

Scanna was one of the oldest and best address agencies focusing on Europe and the old Soviet Union, but they are currently no longer accepting applications for full memberships. They were purchased a few years ago by the same people that own Anastasia.

They might be in the process of re-launching the site, but that is simply a guess. They should have put up a notice if that's the case, but perhaps they are simply running the site until everyone's memberships expire and then re-building everything from the ground up.

We have left our review up for posterity and for all you nostalgic types.


Scanna is one of the oldest and best address agencies focusing on Europe and the old Soviet Union, they're owned by the same people that run .  The women on this site are simply incredible and they have tens of thousands of profiles.

However, these profiles are unscreened which means you have to be much more aware of SCAMMERS. Most of the profiles are from real women, looking for love, but, remember, there is NO GUARANTEE that the photos actually depict the person that posted the profile.

Scanna does have one of the strictest anti-scam policies of any address agency, so if a scammer is reported, they are immediately removed from the site.


Scanna is a little more expensive than most address agencies.  The cheapest one month plan is $44.99, but if you pay for a year in advance it drops to $14.99 per month.  However, to contact the new girls immediately you have to move up to the $49.99 plan, which drops to $19.99 per month if you pay for a year in advance. The highest plan is $129.99 a month or $59.99 if you pay for a year in advance. 

Overall, Scanna is a great site and it is very clear about what it offers.  Oh, and the girls are very hot!

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