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Older Men Younger Women

So, guys, you get some dark, disapproving, judgmental looks from women your own age when you walk into a restaurant with a beautiful younger woman.

Who really cares? Not you, I hope. It’s your life; make your own decisions, write your own script; pick your own partner. And pick any age you want (as long as she’s over 18 that is).

This is the 21st century, you’re a grown man.

Ok, a grown, older man. Who just happens to prefer dating younger women. That May-December matchup has been around as long as we’ve been walking upright on this earth.

Make no mistake, coffee-table, mainstream magazines and a ton of websites never tire of diagnosing, psychoanalyzing, and very often bashing, this happy romantic duo.

Who gives a fat French fracas?

Surely not the younger woman, since she enters into this hook-up willingly. In fact, she often seeks it out. Heaps of international dating sites prove that.

And you and me, the “older men” in question? We’re too busy enjoying the perks of dating a younger woman to bother with such silly finger-pointing.

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Perks? By the bagful, Benson.

For starters, a beautiful younger woman presents a blank canvas for many of us more mature romance artists. Younger girls report many times that they prefer dating older men for their life experience and wisdom, and they’re not just talking about the bedroom.

She shows up brimming with enthusiasm, a thirst to taste everything life has to offer. Her exuberance and delight in exploring and experimenting with the world invigorates and vitalizes us.

And these girls adore the attention we older men so lovingly shower on them. Again, many claim that younger guys may be a lot more energetic, sexier, and undoubtedly more youthful. But the other side of that youthful appeal often spells trouble.

Your average 22 year-old hip and happening guy knows he’s hot, and he’ll often use it like a butterfly and sample as many girls as he can.

Fidelity? Not a terrifically abundant trait in many young guys, according to a lot of younger women.

They know some of us older guys are happy, content, and proud to be with them for their beauty, grace, and energy. And something in many men’s characters, as they age, diminishes that wandering eye.

And younger women know that and go for older men for that reason alone.

So, where exactly can you find these girls. Well, I’ll be the first to admit that your chances of finding this kind of a girl increase dramatically once you leave the borders of the USA.

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Dating Younger Women Around the World

Young Latinas

Ask any Latin man, from Mexico to Chile, and he’ll tell you it’s natural for an older man to date a younger girl. Visit the chic coffee shops of Mexico City, Bogota, or Lima, and you’re guaranteed to see older men younger women pairings.

And no one even takes notice. It’s that natural in the Latin culture and all Latin countries.

So, get that whirlwind 4-city airline special and check out the likes of Caracas, Havana, Medellin, and Buenos Aires. You’ll never look at the world the same again.

Young Russian girls

Another case in point, Moscow. Granted, the city reels with the changes brought about by the earth-changing shifts that came out of the 1990s. But it doesn’t change the fact that a long history of older men dating younger women exists in Russia.

So, whether your taste runs to young Asian girls, young African girls, or hot young Russian girls, take the plunge into the world of younger women; you’ll probably never think the same way again!

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