Is This the Start of Another Golden Age In International Dating?

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Everyone remembers the mid-1990s as the good old days of international dating when elegant Russian women who looked like Scarlett Johanson and Ukrainian women who could make Angelina Jolie jealous were willing to date average or maybe a little above average guys from the United States, the EU, Canada, Australia, and other Western countries.

Those were the glory days of the Russian mail order bride industry.  The internet was young, google was an obscure term only math geeks had ever heard of, and beautiful Eastern European girls were scrambling to find Western men who would treat them right and take care of them like in those American romantic comedies.

Those days never really ended. There were always Russian models and Ukrainian actresses looking for Western men, but the high tide seemed to be over by 2004.  The Russian economy boomed and carried a lot of the states of the former Soviet Union.

Moscow and St. Petersburg became two of the most expensive cities in the world and many of the great dachas of the Black Sea were restored to their original glory by Russian oil magnates and Ukrainian billionaires.

Many stunning Ukrainian bikini models and beautiful Russian actresses decided they could find what they wanted from guys in their own countries and did not opt to sign up with one of the international dating agencies.  But that may be changing. We may be about to enter another high tide of international dating.

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A Great Time to Date Russian Women

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Part of the reason is that being a mail order bride worked out well for many Russian and Ukrainian women.  The hot Russian MILF down the street from you has told her younger sisters and friends that it is a lot better in St. Louis than Smolensk.

You don’t have to look hard on mail order bride sites to find women who mention their relatives who are happily married in London or Las Vegas. That’s important, but the big change may be some of the political and economic changes going on across the old Soviet Union.

These changes may push hundreds of thousands of beautiful, brilliant Eastern European women to reconsider becoming foreign brides.

The big news story right now coming out of the Ukraine is about the case of the former president of Ukraine who is imprisoned on corruption charges. It is a mess, but there was a politically related bombing the other day and this may be the start of political unrest.

For guys considering a Ukrainian mail order bride that may kick everything into high gear. As we have said many times, women do not opt to try international dating for any ONE reason.

There are a lot of things that get women to go, but an unstable political situation is a big part of the issue.

Give it a read.  She is a nice looking lady herself.

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