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Muslim Brides

Date Beautiful Muslim Brides

We regularly hear from guys with only one absolute rule about the lady they’re searching the world for: she must be Muslim. And we understand.

Everyone has deal breakers, and it really is best not to date a lady if you know going into the relationship that it can’t develop beyond a certain point.

Of course, sometimes she is just sooo hot, and you find yourself breaking your own rules, regardless of the types of barriers that might exist between you and your future girlfriend.

But we do get it.  Besides men looking specifically for Muslim girls, we also regularly hear from guys looking for Christian and Jewish women.  We try to help everyone, because the world can always use a little more love. Nobody has ever been hurt by loving too much, or at least not to the best of our knowledge.

Most of the guys who ask about Muslims women are Muslims themselves, but we also get a decent amount of traffic from non-Muslim men who are curious about Muslim women.

The next section is most useful for men who already are certain they are looking for a Muslim woman.  It goes over the best places to find Muslim women who are looking for love.

If you are not familiar with the culture, traditions, and romantic expectations of Muslim ladies already you might want to skip down to An Introduction to Muslim Girls.

Dating Sites With Muslim Women

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All of the women in the Gallery above are Muslim and most of the companies we represent have Muslims women on their websites.

And we do have a page overflowing with beautiful Arab girls. And that is a great place to start if you are looking for a Muslim girl, because of course most Arab girls are Muslim, though there is a substantial number of Christian Arabs, particularly in Lebanon and Syria.  But if you are looking for a Muslim woman for marriage our Arab page is a great place to start.

The only company I can think of that probably has almost no Muslim girls is Amolatina, because it covers Latin America.   Also, the search function there is very poor, so it would be hard to find any Muslim girls that might be there.

Elena’s Models has Muslim women on the site, but they are very hard to find because of the limited search options available.

A Foreign Affair has quite a few Muslims women from Europe and Asia and it is easy to find them.  Go to their SEARCH PAGE and at the top of the page, just below age, there is a selector box where you can search for only women of a given religion.

Anastasiadate and its sister site AsianDate both have hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Muslim women.  Go to their search engine in the upper right hand corner of the page and type Muslim into interests.  You will be rewarded with hundreds of beautiful Muslim women for marriage.

An Introduction to Muslim Girls

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One of the most interesting things you should know is that Muslim girls can and will date Western men, but only in certain circumstances. This usually comes as a bit of surprise to Western and European men because they never expect that to be possible. Devout Muslims families tend to be very strict about which men their daughter spends time with, and that dating a man should only ever be a path to marriage.

The stereotypical image of any Muslim girl is of one wearing a niqab, so the only things you can see are their eyes and hands. While these women do exist, it’s a sign they’re married, or ultra-conservative Muslims, so you’re out of luck there buddy – move along.

The hijab (head scarf) is far more common among single Muslim girls, and it can also tell you a lot about the girl’s personality and her outlook on life…and dating.

Islam expects women to behave in a very discrete way when in a public place. They should never spend time around other men outside her family, and there should be never any type of physical contact with other men. Younger Muslim women are pushing the boundaries on what their parents find acceptable in a relationship – in ways their own mothers would never have dreamt of.

So, if you see a pretty Muslim girl wearing a quirky hijab, and hanging out with Western guys, then there’s a good chance she’ll be interested in dating you. Or at the very least talking to you.


different beauties of Muslim women will attract you

Because Western men are so used to seeing European and Western women walking around wearing almost nothing, there’s a certain charm and allure of seeing a woman who does her best to protect her modesty. In a world where teenagers are becoming more sexualized at far too young an age, it’s understandable that men would now start to look for women who are more conservative in their outlook on partying, love, life and family.

Muslim women are a perfect example of what qualities men expect to find in Western women, but never do.

Less is more these days, so we understand when guys are looking at Muslim girls and wondering what Earthly pleasures are hiding beneath their niqab or burqa. Maybe we’ve reached a stage where we actually want our women to dress and behave like women, and not fluffers in porn movies. Maybe it’s time to take a look at our values, and what we really expect from our women.

The mystery of what lies beneath their layers of clothing is reinforced by the fact that the Muslim girls you see on our dating pages are extremely attractive.

Now, you do run the risk of getting an unpleasant surprise when she removes her niqab, but you’re far more likely to be greeted by an olive skinned beauty with hazel eyes and a smile you would be happy to lose yourself in for eternity.

Dating Muslim Women

There are a few things you need to understand about Muslim dating to make your life a whole lot easier. A Muslim girl is rarely, if ever, going to approach you first, and for a couple of reasons. In Islam gender roles are very clearly defined – you’re the man and she’s the woman, and, yes that’s true even with more liberal Muslim women. She also can’t be seen to approach a non-Muslim guy, no matter how modernized she, or her parents, are. It’s simply not done.

So, the first move is up to you. If you can’t get past that point then you’ve already failed.

How can you tell she’s interested in you? You’re going to have to play your ‘A Game’ here, and look for every tiny change in body language. Eye contact is the first sure sign she wants to talk to you, but can’t make the first move. Lingering eye contact is the same thing – she wants you to make the first move.

Now, here’s the catch – the dating, and your initial approach, will have to be done in absolute secrecy, for the most part. It’s not that she’s ashamed of being seen with you, but she absolutely does not want her family (especially the men) knowing that she’s dating a kafir (non-Muslim).

Muslim families tend to be very strict about who their daughters date and marry, but moderate Muslims care more about their daughter’s happiness than sticking to a strict religious code. Things are changing in Islam though, including imams who want Muslim girls to be able to openly date and marry non-Muslims.

Your relationship with her will be fine as long as it remains hidden, but always remember that Muslim women will view your relationship with her as a step towards marriage – all Muslim girls want to become a bride, and at a much younger age than almost any Western woman.

If your Islamic girlfriend suspects that you’re playing her then it’s game over for you, plus you can expect her brothers and father to come looking for you. Don’t ever try to use PUA techniques on a conservative Muslim woman – you’re just asking for trouble.

Something that most Western men forget is that your Muslim girlfriend may never have kissed a guy. Not ever. So, if she’s reluctant to hug or kiss, it’s probably because she’s nervous, never having had any kind of intimate contact with a man before. You’ll need to get to know her before you can judge how far you can take intimacy with her.

If she’s grown up in a very strict Muslim household she’ll probably be nervous about even touching your hand. If she’s had a chance to travel to Western countries, and has experienced different cultures, there’s a very good chance she’s dated non-Muslims guys, so will be far more open-minded about most types of intimacy, including sex.

Oh, and avoid talking about the differences between Islam and Christianity, asking her opinion on Hamas, or anything else that’s obviously a hot topic. A Muslim girl will either end the date on the spot, or you’ll wind up in an argument you have no hope of winning. You’ll never see or hear from her again in either of these situations. So, keep the conversation breezy!

General Lifestyle Stuff

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As of right now, if you’re a kafir and you want to marry a Muslim girl you’re expected to convert to Islam. There are no deviations from this rule. You can choose to elope with your Muslim hottie, but her family will cut all ties with her, forever. So, it’s not fair to ask or expect that of her.

What you’ll find is that early on in the Muslim dating process there’ll be hints about converting to Islam, but as your relationship grows and becomes more serious the hints will start to sound more like demands. These hints will also come from her family.

You will be nagged to observe Islamic traditions and laws, even if you don’t convert – she’ll especially try to stop you eating pork or drinking any type of alcohol. Drinking alcohol is a normal part of Western culture, but it’s completely foreign to most practicing Muslims. We say “most”, because not all Muslims are as devout as they pretend to be, especially those living in Western countries.

It’s almost like they become Westernized by osmosis – they realize that you can be a good Muslim while still enjoying some of the finer things in life, even if they’re forbidden under Islamic Law – what they call ‘haram’.

If your girlfriend is a practicing Muslim you can expect her to pray up to five times each day (it’s called Salah), with the first prayer starting at 5am.

You won’t get an apology for being woken at 5am either, so get over it now. A growing number of Muslims are letting the prayer schedule slide a bit – not all pray as often as they’re meant to, so you might escape this particular tradition if you’re lucky.

During Ramadan your girlfriend will be expected to fast during the day and eat only at night. If you want to score some brownie points then observe the rules of Ramadan with her.

The only potential downside here is that she’s not allowed to having sex during the daylight hours of Ramadan, although a growing number of Muslim girls won’t mind breaking that rule, but only if you ask her.


the attractive Muslim women

Muslim women are expected to have sex with their husband whenever and however he wants it. She can’t ask questions about why you want to have sex – it’s her religious obligation to fulfill your sexual needs. This might lead you to believe that a woman of this faith is going to be extremely submissive, but that’s very far from the truth.

Something else to be very aware of, and especially before you get intimate with your girlfriend, is that female circumcision in Islam is a thing. How much this affects your girlfriend is something you’ll need to ask her, but obviously be as sensitive as possible when you do. It’s far more common in Africa than anywhere else in the Islamic world, but bear it in mind as something you may need to discuss at some stage.

Muslim men are always circumcised, so she might get a bit weirded out if you have foreskin. Then again, it won’t matter once things get moving in the right direction.

Contraception is a no-no with traditional Muslim girls, although more moderate girls might differ. The reason why some Muslim girls might consider using some form of birth control is because she’ll never have an abortion if she gets pregnant by you.

One other fringe benefit you probably haven’t thought about is polygamy – you can have multiple wives if you’re a practicing Muslim. There’s a couple of rules to follow here, with the first being that your existing wife has to “agree” to the marriage, and you must also be able to afford to pay for the living expenses of your additional wives.

This is why most Muslim men will have no more than three wives – they simply can’t afford any more than that. Most of the guys reading this are thinking “Who the hell wants more than one wife?” Who knows guys, you might change your mind.

Muslim Dating Opportunities

As is the way with any culture where arranged marriages are the norm, single women over the age of 25 are considered spinsters. This includes Muslim girls, and if she’s older than 30 and still single she’ll be very eager to find a guy to marry. Her parents will be even more eager to see her married – otherwise they’ll have to take care of her for the rest of their lives.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Muslim girls who are over the age of 25 and who aren’t married, or where no marriage has been arranged yet. You have a lot more dating potential there than with a Muslim girl who’s well on her way to an arranged marriage.

Muslim Dating Pros and Cons

Muslim arranged marriage

If you’re still not sure that a relationship with a Muslim woman is for you, then have a think about the following points.


  • She will remain completely loyal to you for the duration of your relationship
  • Muslim women will do everything they can to make a marriage work
  • She will never even think of being with another man – that’s out of respect to her religion and to you
  • Raising a family is very important to her, so you won’t have to argue with her about when she wants to have kids
  • You’ll never have to deal with her being drunk and abusive towards you, or getting drunk and “making a mistake”
  • A conservative Muslim lifestyle and a conservative Christian lifestyle are oddly compatible
  • She will treat you with respect and honesty in a way most Western woman simply can’t, because they were raised that way


  • Arranged marriages are still the norm in Islam, so you’ll have to work to convince her parents to let her marry you
  • You’ll be expected to convert to Islam, or to at least say that you’re going to convert to Islam
  • Privacy means everything to her – from the moment you start dating, to the day you get married.
  • You need to stay on the right side of her family, especially the men – you can’t afford to have arguments with them

Most Western guys shy away from even the idea of dating a Muslim girl – never mind having a Muslim bride – based on what they see and hear on the news.

What you need to realize is that every Muslim woman is different. Some will never entertain the idea of dating a Western or European man, while others are far more open to that idea.

The only way you can really be certain whether or not you can even date any Muslim girl is to take the first step, the same step you take in any relationship – talk to her.

Just remember that Islam is slowly evolving, so where 50 years ago there was no possibility of a Muslim girl dating or marrying a non-Muslim, times are changing.

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