Instant Translation Means Instant FUN!

instant translation from girls

You can watch them smile when you write something funny or look curious when you write something they are not sure about.  It is REAL communication with real women who actually are excited to speak to you!

The video is only streaming to you.  You can get on a full two way Cam Share and let them hear and see you at your best too.  You can also turn off the video and just communicate with text, but instant Video Chat is a fun, easy way to communicate with real women.

Thank God for the geeks that figured this out!

Just pick a region of the world, sign up, and you can be chatting with a beautiful lady from that area in ten minutes for less than $5.00. It is fast, easy, and fun!

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Its Easier Than You Think

One of the biggest fears that men have about deciding to enter the world of international dating is the fear of foreign languages.  It is a legitimate concern.  Foreign languages tend to be challenging and hard to learn for most people.  Even for serious students picking up a new foreign language as an adult is a time consuming process.

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And then you come to International Love Scout and the ladies we highlight are so sexy, so interesting. You want to meet them so badly, but you don’t speak Russian, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, or Czech.  You probably hated the high school French class you had to take and slept through college Spanish.  You can’t really imagine how you could possibly communicate with these ladies.

Thankfully, technology is finally overcoming the problems of the Tower of Babel.

Anastasia’s innovative chat engine instantly translates as you type.  You don’t need to know a word of a foreign language and with video chat you can actually see the woman you are chatting with.  You can see her smile at your compliments and laugh at you jokes. And amazingly, some of these women are even MORE BEAUTIFUL on video chat than they are in their photographs!

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You can use either regular Instant Chat, Video Chat, or full Cam Share with two way audio and video.  The great thing about the video chat is that it lets you actually see the ladies.  This gives you a much better idea of who they really are and how they feel about chatting with you.  You know they are real and you can see if your message is getting through.  You can see their confusion if you are inarticulate and watch them smile as they realize what you are talking about.

It is fun and you get a much better introduction than you can through email and photos, because it is live.  Sometimes that can be a little nerve wracking because it is live and the ladies are so beautiful and so intent.  You realize these are not just photos and profiles, but real women full of hopes, dreams, and goals. It does raise the pressure a little bit, but it makes the eventual meeting much less stressful.

This does not eliminate the problem of scam artists, but it is one more tool in your arsenal to help prevent you from being scammed.  You can look into their eyes and read their intentions.  Generally, it is easy to see who is really interested in speaking with you exactly like it is in real life.

Now you understand. You can actually be communicating with a beautiful woman from the other side of the world in a matter of minutes.  Then once you have met a few ladies online you can take a tour to visit them.  If it works out with the ladies you met using video chat that’s great, but if not you will meet hundreds of other ladies on a romance tour.

That way you are using all of the best tools to discover the love you are looking for.

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