Hot Uzbek Manager Type

Name: Liliya
ID#: 2253857
Agency: Elenas Models (Review)
Age: 33

City: Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Occupation: Manager
Religion: None
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian: Fluent

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

If I had a manager like Liliya, I’d need a lot of supervision and probably after-work meetings to go over performance issues that needed urgent addressing. Discipline? Hmmm…..

Then I read these words on her personal message: “women happen as punishment, there are awards. I wish to become for you the award…

Well, I’m not sure if anything is lost in the translation from Russian but I’m a Libran just like Liliya, and I can assure you, any nuances aside, that is definitely a positive phrase.

Librans are known for their natural and easy charisma and ability to seduce. I can see Liliya is no exception and represents Libra well in this area. We Librans are also known to be very social and able to easily incorporate contradictions in our life.

Listen what she has to say about that. “From time to time I’m the house kitty, from time to time wild, Purposeful, very sociable. With sense of humour. I find common language practically with all.”

She sounds like the kind of chameleon that can fit into any part of your life: adaptable, loves variety, extremes; and at the end of the day, very balanced.

Damn, aren’t we Librans fascinating?

At 25, with no kids and never married, Liliya sounds like a very interesting woman. Oh, and I just noticed, I forgot to mention she’s also very attractive, another super Libran trait.

Check her out at Elena’s Models, she’s open to interesting guys up to age 40.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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