Feminine Chinese Bikini Bride

Name: Min
ID#: 196881
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 27

City: Qingdao, China


Occupation: Marketing
Religion: Agnostic
English Level: Good
Languages: Chinese (native)

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

Min is the max!

Damn this girl is hot!

She is also brave and that is something way too many guys don’t think about.  Min writes, “I am an active and brave person. If I meet my true love here, I will pursue it bravely…”  And that is really what you want out of a girl.

Oh, and she is also HOT!

amazing Chinese girl with slim figure

Damn, she is more than just plain hot she, Min is feminine.  You could show up with her anywhere and she is just going to own the room.

Maybe even better than that she does not care how much money you have.  She writes that, “I don’t need how much money you have or how successful your career is….”  That is pretty amazing, but dude if you are looking at this on the wifi from a homeless shelter, please don’t take her seriously.

Money may not make the world go around, but love don’t pay the bills.  Still, it is nice to see that she is not trying to just trade up.

Anyhow, she has a lot more photos if you check out her full profile. 

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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