Hot Blonde Ukrainian Woman With Amazing Legs

Name: Ekaterina
ID#: 129853
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 23

City: Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Occupation: Not Listed
Religion: Christian
English Level: Not specified
Languages: Russian (native)

Damn! If you love a girl with great legs you have got to check out Ekaterina! She’s this tall, slim angel with the face of a model, a tiny little 23-inch waist, and a gymnast’s legs. But there just ain’t many 5’8 gymnasts. Holy smokes!

Girls like this just don’t come along very often. In fact, I bet outside your collection of Super Girl comics you’ve never seen a tall slim blonde with legs that elegant, firm, and just SEXY.

But as incredibly sexy as Ekaterina is there is a lot more to this woman than her long blonde hair, sea blue eyes, sweet lips, tight toned abs, and incredibly graceful legs. Ekaterina’s heart may be even more attractive. She is a philosopher.

She writes that…

“Someone sees in me a pretty girl, someone a good friend (I hope), somebody’s daughter, someone subordinate at work. What am I?”

I warned you, she is no dumb Ukrainian blonde.

This amazing woman goes on…

“I am a very open person. I extend my emotions and feelings openly and would like to receive answer in same way. But that does not mean that I am naive. I can feel the difference in the people and relations people for me. If you want the same as me, I will communicate with you with pleasure and maybe we can build a relationship of love and trust. You can ask me any questions and I will answer you on them.”

She has a lot more in her profile over at A Foreign Affair. I have to admit that I love smart, beautiful, deep women with great legs, so I don’t promise I won’t try to get to her first. You better hurry!

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