Romantic Ukrainian Dancer

Name: Julia
ID#: 183377
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 20

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Kids: No

Occupation: Dancer
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (native), Ukrainian (native)

Dude, you know you have a soft spot for dancers. Don’t lie about it. There is not a man alive who doesn’t like to see a pretty girl dancing.

Ballet, polka, waltzes, square dances: it really doesn’t matter. There is simply something so sexy, so elemental about watching a beautiful woman move in time to the music, and Julia is certainly a beautiful woman.


This lady is hot!

One look at her and you know why the Red Army fought like mad in World War II. This is a woman worth fighting for and I bet her grandmother looked fetching even in those proletariat style – Julia is so hot she might even look hot in a coveralls.

Actually, she would look very hot in coveralls and a baseball cap walking out with you to your deer stand.   She would make a damn fine hot redneck girl, or a hot bikini girl or whatever. Actually, she will be hot regardless of where or when.

I’m not sure what kind of a dancer she is maybe ballet or maybe she dances in musical comedies? I don’t know. Maybe she is a stripper and if she is well, bully for her!

I am not going to be critical about strippers. That is incredibly tacky and hypocritical. Julia is being honest. She says she is a dancer, so maybe she is trying to raise the possibility.

Heck! I would make it rain for her!

Why not!

I am a fan of beautiful girls and I know sometimes they end up dancing for drunk dudes to pay the bills. There is not anything intrinsically wrong with that.

There is a certain honesty to it and Julia seems absolutely forthright. So, if she is a stripper and you do contact her do not be MEAN! She deserves better than that.

She seems like a very sweet girl. She writes that, I`m looking for a real man who is able to love my tender and fragile soul. Can you be that man for Julia?

Why not? She says she likes watching Romantic comedies. Maybe, she can overlook your flaws and see what really makes you special, just like in the movies.

She says, I do hope I will meet an intelligent, decent and sweet person so we will treasure each other and make each other the happiest people in the world:)

You can contact Julia at A Foreign Affair. You probably can even chat with her over there. Good luck!

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