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Beautiful blond Ukrainian woman
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Flexible Hottie

Name: Natalia
Age: 24
City: Severodonetsk, Ukraine
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 125972

Holy smokes! Natalia is the perfect blond Ukrainian mail order bride.

If you are interested in a beautiful young Ukrainian woman Natalia may be just what the doctor ordered to warm up your day.

She really is model hot, but I do think you should read her profile closely.

She is hot, but this girl is not going to be easily charmed and I would bet she's heard every line in the book in six different languages.

Some guys might not understand just what she means in her profile, here is my translation of part of her essay:

"In men I appreciate honesty, (BUT I am always shocked to find it) integrity (This means don't cheat!) intelligence (You've got to watch chick flicks) restraint (I'm not easy!) prudence (Can I take you home to meet mama?) and efficiency (No job - no Natalia!)."

Some of her profile doesn't need any translation. This girl is blunt she says she wouldn't date an "ignorant, rude, cunning, mean, dishonest and untidy man."  

That probably sounds more or less the same in English, Spanish, Chinese, or Ukrainian and I think I've heard it in two or three languages.

Something tells me that Natalia is wickedly smart. Her profile just sparkles. She writes that, "I am a very kind-hearted" and that is something that I think is critical.

So, if you aren't up for all of that don't bother Natalia. She's clearly not for everybody and I think you can see that from her photos.

Girls this stunning are not easy for any guy to catch, so if you are going to go after Natalia you better bring your "A Game", good manners, and a little walking around cash.

If you are looking for a beautiful, intelligent Ukrainian woman, check out Natalia. She is an amazing woman.

And if you want to see why we titled her profile "Flexibe Hottie" you will just have to go on over to A Foreign Affair and check out her additional photos for yourself. It will be worth the trip... I promise!

Profile Updated: 04/01/2016