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Another Very Sexy Ukrainian Soldier

Name: Alena
Age: 25
City: Kharkov, Ukraine
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Read Our Review)
ID#: 42473

Alena is another very sexy Ukrainian soldier. 

She is blond, sexy, and very fit, but of course you can see that.  But she also seems smart and funny.  I read a ton of profiles and I have never read one quite like hers.  It is smart, funny, and more than a little arrogant.

She writes,

I`m a wizard and my magic allows me to grant wishes. To give to people pleasure and light is my hobby. I know for sure that you have several desires for me, I will grant all of them, you should only ask. I am a fairy godmother and, of course, I will help.

I think she is joking, but she goes on and notes that,

You have found a very valuable treasure, and right now you have to smile, good luck has smiled at you. Well, are you ready? As you could guess I mean myself.

  Alena is so modest she must either be a full colonel or a corporal in the special forces.

But she isn’t done she goes on and writes that,

It is difficult to tell you about myself, I will say only that I am like a fountain of flowers, or an explosion at the paints factory, I`m like salute. It is easy to find me in the crowd, because I have the inner light, so don`t miss your chance.

And she is beautiful and very fit.  Look, at the guns on that girl!  I believe she might intimidate a lot of guys, but if you dig smart, fit women you should take a look at Alena. 

Luckily for many of my loyal readers she does not seem to be picky about the sort of guys she is interested in.  She says that, Your profession and age are not important for me, and that is incredible if you happen to be a ninety-two year old garbage man.  (And if you are a ninety-two year old garbage man I am incredibly impressed, so don’t write me any angry letters.) 

Alena’s profile is over at Be Happy Today.  They have a great chat system, so you can probably be finding out just how amazing she is in five minutes if she is online.  Good Luck!

Profile Updated: 08/08/2017