Beautiful Women Are Happier With Average Looking Guys!

pretty redhead with an average guy

A lot of the cynics can’t believe that the gorgeous young women we profile here at International Love Scout could be happy with the average looking guys who sign up for many of the mail order bride agencies.

They believe the women will always be looking for something better, but maybe beautiful women are smarter and deeper than that, because a recent study from UCLA suggests that women might be happier with men who are less attractive.

What Men Want

Don’t lie to yourself.  Every guy wants a hot girlfriend.  It is deeply written in male DNA.  For a lot of guys dating a beautiful girl is a longing, an urge, a dream.

It pushes men to play high school football, become investment bankers, spend hundreds on Italian loafers, thousands on gaudy watches, and millions fighting baldness.

A sexy girlfriend can make a pauper feel like a king and a king feel calm, relaxed, and confident.  It ain’t fair, but that’s the truth.  Men want hot women, because a hot woman makes a man feel incredible.

marry the hottest women in the world

But a lot of pop culture has rejected that concept in recent years and tried to build an alternative narrative for women.  Women can choose sexy men.  Women can go gaga over a hot young stud muffin or be a sexy cougar.

Since at least when Madonna burst on to the pop music scene in the 1980s, the entertainment industry has built up a whole mythology that women can be just as sexist, shallow, and visually motivated as men.  That is why there have been so many commercials in recent years with shots of men taking off their shirts.

For some crazy reason a lot of feminist have endorsed this theory, but it simply is not true. You probably already know that just from what you have seen all your life.  Beautiful women have a power over men that even the most handsome men rarely if ever have over women.

Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie
Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie

The professors who are the real experts in the study human mating know that this is a well-established fact.  There have been thousands of academic studies on the topic and virtually all of them reach the same basic conclusion: Men dig hot girls more than women dig hot boys.

A recent review of this area of study written at UCLA was entitled, Men Still Value Physical Attractiveness in a Long-Term Mate More Than Women.

The basic summary of this exhaustive review of the evidence is that, …existing work strongly suggests that partner attractiveness should more strongly predict men’s relationship evaluations than it predicts women’s relationship evaluations.

In short, married men are happier with hot wives. Go figure!

What Women REALLY Want

But here’s the thing that most guys simply cannot imagine: a lot of women really just want to date a normal looking guy.  In fact, some are happy to date an ugly guy, because for a lot of women, particularly foreign women, and fit, handsome, well-dressed man is more than a little scary.

I know there are a lot of men reading this right now who think I am absolutely blowing smoke and hot air.

Nope, there is real scientific evidence proving that women really do not care that much about what a man looks like and if you want to know what you can do become that guy with hot girlfriend, no matter how average looking you are, just keep reading.

I am going to give you proof that if you are a good, decent guy you have the chance to land a sexy girlfriend even if you are less than leading man material.

Men and Women Are Different

Every man wants to know what women want, but most guys make the bad mistake of assuming men and women are exactly the same.  They aren’t.  Now, lets not get carried away with the men are from Mars and women are from Venus analogy, but men and women do look at things differently.

Howard and Beth Stern
Howard & Beth Stern

First, men and women both initially prefer attractive mates and the more attractive you are the higher you set the bar.  This does not refute the basic thesis of this article, because that first impression is just the start to any relationship.

It does not mean that they will not fall for an average or even a below average looking man, just that, all other things being equal, they would prefer a Brad Pitt body double. You can’t be a hater about that or even let it bother you, but you should keep a couple of things in mind about the first impression.

Remember, men prefer attractive women somewhat more than women prefer attractive men, always remember that. Women do not get as excited about seeing a hot man as men get about seeing a sexy girl.

That is why, despite the unfairness of it all, there are far more women making a good living as strippers than men.  It is why you can probably name a dozen female super models from Cheryl Tiges, Christy Brinkley, and Mrs. Tom Brady to Kenner Jenner and her friends, but you probably cannot readily spit out the name of a big-time male fashion model.

And guess what?  Most women do not know the names of many male models either.

Beauty gives women opportunities that handsome men just never have, because women are looking for something different.  They are looking for something deeper.

According to parental investment theory this is because a woman invests nine months of her life and a lot of pain into having children whereas men’s contribution to the childbirth process far too often never gets any further than fertilization.

What Do Women Want?

What attracts women to men is a little complicated, so let’s start by reminding you what turns women off to men.  You have known this since the first grade.  Girls do not like bullies and they do not want to get cooties from nasty boys.

So, the first thing you have to do to attract a woman is to make sure you do not stink.  That is not a metaphorical statement.

Women do not want a stinking loser, so, no matter what you think you look like it is worth the effort to get yourself neat and clean.  NOTHING is a bigger thrill killer for any woman: young-old, drunk-sober, hot or not than poor hygiene.

So, take a shower, wear clean clothes, and use deodorant.  Otherwise women will notice you for things you do not want to be noticed and remembered for.

Women love intelligence.  That is part of why women mention humor as being such a big attraction, because you have to be intelligent to be funny.

Women also are attracted to men who are kind and compassionate.  If you are rude to waiters and your Uber driver on an early date that is a huge turn-off.  If you are rude to her it is almost always the last time you will hear from her.

Why Sexy Women Want to Date Average Looking Men?

So, if women are initially more interested into hot guys why do they decide to date average or even ugly men?  Well, the simple answer is that women are looking for more than looks, but if you dig a little deeper it is fascinating.

And yes, women also are attracted to rich men.  Stop groaning.  You have known this was true since at least the sixth grade.

The [less attractive] husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal. Because for men, the attractiveness of their wives is part of the deal. For women, that’s not part of the deal. The deal that women get isn’t being with an attractive man. It’s being with a protective man, or a wealthy man, or an ambitious man, or even a sensitive man. So they didn’t care as much about the appearance of their husbands.

Guess what?  It makes perfect sense and you should not hold it against the fairer sex.  Why would a woman want to invest in a relationship with some guy who cannot take care of her and her children?  So, all other things being equal it is good to be rich.  That is no news flash either.

Not only that a smart man, even one who is not rich, can use this to his advantage.  How?  Well, a recent academic study explained, “…that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women.”  That’s why a rich man often has a sexy girlfriend.

A lot of you reading this are thinking, “Oh, the unfairness of it!” That is a huge mistake.  That is the way that the unsuccessful think.  What you should think is, “Hmmm, I am smart.  I should be able to figure out how to use this to my advantage.”

If you are a smart guy this such be easy for you to figure out.  Remember, you do not have to be the richest man in the world to amaze a woman.  You just have to be the richest man in HER world.  Remember that.

You are probably not competing against Jeff Bezos and Tom Cruise.  And what rich is varies widely from place to place and ultimately comes down to what she considers it means to be rich.  That can be an enormous advantage for you.

Women do not want to be played.  They do not want to be lie to and a lot of women these days worry that in the age of Instagram and Twitter that handsome men are all players.

In fact, one of Tinder’s in-house sociologists claims that many women will not respond to interest from a man they believe to be too hot.  She says that she believes this is because, “…it’s attributed to women associating attractiveness with negative characteristics like arrogance and narcissism.

A woman journalist explained that hot men are, “…trained from a young age to be (often) unjustifiably self-assured, to eschew personality and affability for cocksure confidence, and to generally treat people like the feudal system is alive and kickin’.”

A young successful woman from New York City explained that when you are dating an ugly guy, …you think you’re getting a good deal. You’re getting him on sale. You think an ugly guy will be more grateful and treat you better.

See these women are not dumb.   They are using a strategy to find a guy who actually gives a damn, but more than that: Some women actively avoid the most attractive men.

In the same article as the quote above another young professional woman said that when she see a hot guy, …I assume he’s gay or a player and I don’t even bother talking to him.

For her sexy guys have such a bad reputation that she claimed that, If something about him screams sexy, that’s never a good sign. Those are the ones you should run away from.

And science has proved this to be true.  Ugly men try hard to please a sexy girlfriend.  One scientist explained that a less attractive man is, “…going to work hard to maintain that relationship,” with a hot girlfriend or wife.

This all makes a lot of sense if you really think about it and here is something else that makes sense if you stop and ponder it for a moment. Women who actually land a super-hot husband are often miserable.

A recent study from Florida State University explain that for many women, “…having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive.”

This also might be why hot guys seem to have hotter wives.  A woman is going to pimp, preen, diet, and workout if she has a hot husband she thinks other women are chasing after.

Now, do you see why being average or even ugly can work?

So, the next time you see a hot girl at the gym or the grocery store say something to here that is polite and appropriate.  Sure, 99% of the time it is not going to get you anywhere, because dating is tough in the United States, Europe, and particularly Australia.

Beautiful Western women do not need a man in their life.  They have a lot of options, so their defenses are generally strong than Gibraltar whether you are rich or poor; young or old; handsome or even lucky enough to be ugly.

So, you really want to give yourself a chance to land a super hot girlfriend you need to go overseas.  It doesn’t matter if you go to Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Southeast Asia get out of the West, because you have a better chance of dating a model, an actress, a fitness girl, or brilliant geek girl.

Whatever your dream girl looks like you can find her in the world of international dating.  You really are more attractive overseas.  If you do not believe me you need to go READ THIS ARTICLE about why foreign women want to date Western men.

The Best Place to Meet Your Hot Girlfriend

International dating is absolutely the best way for a man to find a hot girlfriend.  There is simply no doubt and this goes double or triple if you a little older, a little heavier, and a little uglier than most guys.  That is what makes international dating so amazing.

Look at this lucky guy:

Romance tour matchup
A Foreign Affair Romance Tour

He met this stunning lady on an AFA Romance tour and you can see he probably could not get a beautiful young lady like this to talk to him back in the United States without a gun and handcuffs.  (I know Joe.  He is a cop with a heart of gold and I doubt he would argue my point.)

You have read this far so you know that beautiful women date average looking men all the time, but a lot of cynics – both men and women – who stumble across our site simply cannot believe the gorgeous young women we profile here at International Love Scout could be happy with the average looking guy.

But there is more to it than that.

They believe the women will always be looking for something better, but there is a mountain of evidence that marriages that start on international dating sites have an extraordinarily low divorce rate.

This supports so much of what we have been saying on International Love Scout for years:  Foreign women just want you to LOVE them.

If you marry some stunning Russian mail order bride who is a perfect 10 and you really treat her right there is a good chance of the marriage working out.   And many of the older guys who end up marrying beautiful younger women through international dating agencies do feel very, very lucky! They are lucky, but they made their own luck!

They took a few chances and had the guts to sign up at Anastasia or Elena’s Modelsor one of the other agencies we rep here and went for it.   They didn’t just wait for a beautiful woman to fall into their arms they took positive action. Well, you know all of that.

So, if you are really serious about finding your own hot girlfriend join an international dating agency and get to work. You can do it.

Howard Stern did it.  If that knucklehead can do it, so can you!  A sexy girlfriend can change your life.

That is a fact, but here is something that very few guys can believe: a lot of beautiful women want to date average or even flat out – hide them behind the barn – ugly men.

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