What Is The Best Way To Meet Women?

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From the time a boy is about twelve until he passes a hundred and twelve almost every single man wants to know, “What is the best way to meet women?” It is a constant question and one that almost no one addresses in a systematic manner.

This article is our attempt to analyze it in all the approaches to meeting women – not just international dating – because we want men to solve their relationship issues. If that happens we know they will be happy with our website and recommenced it to other men.

This is not an about dating tips. It is not a collection of pick up lines. The idea here is to help you ponder the best way for you too meet the woman you need to meet to live a rich, full life.

Meeting Women is Important

The old saying, “The first step is always the toughest,” is certainly true when it comes to meeting women. Before you can wine them, dine them, or marry them you have to meet women.  For a lot of men that first step on the road to a relationship is often the most difficult part of the entire process.

There are so many extra roadblocks for singles today.  Sometimes it seems like the entire universe is designed to make it difficult for bachelors to meet single women.

marry the hottest women in the world

And being single is more than just a drag.  It is also detrimental to the health and well-being of singles, particularly for single men. 

Singles are more likely to be depressed and that leads to a variety of health issues from heart attacks and suicide to poorer surgical outcomes and alcoholism and drug abuse.  According to one recent newspaper headline: Being single will kill you faster than obesity, study says.

It is such a public health emergency that the National Science Foundation-funded:   How Couples Meet and Stay Together (HCMST) is a study of how Americans meet their spouses and romantic partners.   Researchers interviewed over 4000 Americans and guess what they discovered?

It is hard for men to meet women!

And the rise of 1001 dating apps has not helped singles figure out how to actually meet members of the opposite sex who want to meet them.  This is why romantic comedies will never go out of style: romance is hard.

In a conference paper about the impact of the internet on dating, Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, the Stanford University professor who led the research, explained that…

Far from oversexed, heterosexual Americans who are unmarried and unpartnered appear to be in something of a relationship drought…

Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, Stanford University

Of course, here at International Love Scout, we have been saying this for years.  We have explained that getting married is probably the best thing a man can do for his health, wealth, and well-being.

It is incredibly tough for a man to meet a woman – any sort of acceptable woman – but trying to meet – a beautiful woman who is also intelligent, interesting, and positive is nearly impossible unless you are young, fit, and lucky.

For men who are a little older, it is really tough.  The rules of the game have changed a lot since the 1990s and it is a whole different world for men who last dated in the ‘70s or ‘80s.

A lot of the uninitiated wonder why so many good, decent men from the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia sign up for mail order bride sites, but it is not really difficult to figure it out.  Think about all of the challenges a Western man faces finding a mate.

Dating In The #MeToo Age

a girl holding a #MeToo banner

The West is in the middle of a second or maybe the third sexual revolution with a whole new brand of sexual identity campaigns taking center stage in the world of relationships. It’s not that feminism is a bad thing overall, but it has made dating a lot more complicated.

Look, here at International Love Scout we trying to help people find the happiness they deserve.  We are not judging all of these various groups, but the rise of these different interest groups has certainly muddied the water and changed the dating rules.

You now have men identifying as lesbian women, even though they’ve never had sexual reassignment surgery or taken hormones, but they demand to be described as women. Yes, that actually happened.

You have very angry men who hate all women and revel in it because they have had such poor luck with women.  They call themselves involuntary celibates or incels and occasionally, they lash out violently at women.

And then there is the #MeToo movement started out with the best of intentions – identifying the sexual predators in Hollywood and bringing them to account

We can debate the finer points of the situation, but the reality is that Harvey Weinstein apparently was a scumbag for decades and had gotten away with years of sexual harassment. He is a man who needed to be stopped.

The problems began when a group of mentally unwell women began to co-opt the #MeToo movement by increasing the parameters of what actually counted as sexual harassment.

The women who were genuine victims of sexual crimes had to listen to other women who said that being “cat called” was sexual harassment, or that even being looked at was sexual harassment.

In fact, in one case one social media commentator went as far as to say that men are guilty of sexual harassment by simply thinking about women.

Now, this has obviously given rise to a situation where men can no longer simply engage in social situations with a growing number of women in North America and Europe.


Because they run the risk of being me #MeToo’d for saying or doing something they shouldn’t have, or at least in the opinion of the woman they’re interacting with.

According to radical feminists, sexual harassment is entirely subjective i.e. if you think it’s sexual harassment, then it automatically is, regardless of legal definition or the actual law itself.

It’s gotten so bad that a young woman was recently assaulted on a train in the United Kingdom and two men left the carriage rather than help her.

The reason for this was that to become involved in that altercation would mean they might have accidentally touched her, which could then lead to accusations of rape, ruining their careers and their personal lives in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, the women who make false rape claims are actually the victims here, or at least they are in the opinion of the intersectional idiots at BuzzFeed.

The #MeToo movement has become so utterly deranged in every conceivable way that it makes it impossible for men to date women.

What is acceptable and what is unacceptable is entirely subjective now at this point in time. So what that means for men is that holding hands during a first date with a young woman might be deemed acceptable on Monday, but then after a few days though, and some input from her crazy feminist friends, the same guy could be #MeToo’d by Friday.

That’s why there are so many legitimate feminists walking away from this movement, especially those who have been victims of actual sexual assault and not just imaginary crimes.

These days to remain safe guys would need a letter of consent to even ask a woman out on a date. Even crazier is the act of asking her for a letter of consent to ask her out on a date…could be construed as sexual harassment.

Technology &  Dating

different kinds of technology

There’s an old science fiction movie that we love called “Contact”, starring Jodie Foster.

A quick summary of the movie is that it’s the story of a young girl who pursues the search for extraterrestrial life after the death of her father.

But there’s one very interesting line in that movie, spoken by a character named Palmer Joss played by Matthew McConaughey…

We shop at home, we surf the web but at the same time we feel emptier. Lonelier and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history.

And if you think about this it’s actually quite true.

We’ve become slaves to social media, reality TV shows and even the idea of working out at home. More and more pressure is put on us to remain isolated from each other, all under the guise of enjoying the benefits of being a technological civilization.

The days of simply calling up a friend and arranging to meet up for a drink or a bite to eat are almost over. Instead people are interacting with each other almost entirely through social media, sharing pictures and jokes, but doing it only in a digital format.

So this has also led to a number of troubling outcomes, the first of which is an almost geometric increase in social anxiety disorders across the Western world.

Some countries have even gone so far as to implement a social media scoring system for their citizens, and if you don’t need a specific social media score it can affect your ability to attract potential partners on dating sites!

There is a brilliant episode of a dystopian science fiction show called Black Mirror which is worth watching. The show itself is like a modern twist on The Twilight Zone.

The episode entitled “Nosedive” is a horrifying depiction of how social media is slowly being allowed to control every aspect of our lives. And it’s not in the distant future – it’s happening right now.

We’ve become a society of Netflix bingeing and chill, ordering in and eating at home, interacting only with friends and family through social media, buying the latest exercise equipment fad to set up in your spare room, and then promptly forgetting about it.

It’s gotten so bad that more and more people are going on a social media diet, especially from the likes of networks like Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The question though remains – where can you meet great women who actually want to meet you?

Women who want to spend time with you but aren’t going to #MeToo you after your first argument?

Women who actually want a healthy, normal, natural relationship?

Let’s take a look at the best options available to you.

Best Places to Meet Women

Go Back To School?

school supplies

The vast majority of guys, when they finish school, would never dream of going back there. That’s doubly true if you attended college or university, because your only goal was to graduate and then get a job.

But the truth of the matter is that an educational setting is one of the best places to meet single women.

The reason for this is you are deliberately placing yourself in a social setting studying a subject with like-minded women. Obviously don’t sign up for gender studies or lesbian dance theory classes, because you know exactly what type of women you’ll meet there.

Fitting an evening course of any kind into your schedule might seem difficult but it something you should strive for. Ideally you would actually go back into full-time education, but we understand that’s not always possible depending on your current circumstances.

With that being said there are thousands of local colleges and schools in your area that run part-time courses on subjects you might be interested in.

And the thing is – this is the real trick – there are lots of single women attending these courses for the same reasons as you. They want to learn something new and they also know they might just meet the guy of their dreams.   That’s why colleges and universities are such great places to meet women.

If you are going back to school, play the long game.  Be positive, outgoing, and get involved in class and in a club or activity.

Then you can meet women in the most natural way in the world.  You can judge them and they can decide if there is any hope at all for you.

But eventually, you have to take the plunge and ask them out.  Still meeting college girls on campus helps with a lot of the problems and is a great choice if you can squeeze it into your schedule.

Oh, and you might even learn something! Seriously, besides meeting a cool woman you could increase your earning potential. So, going back to school is our number one choice for men who want to meet women if they can squeeze it into their schedule and their is a college or university nearby where they live.

Meeting Women At Work

young woman and old guy having a handshake

For decades one of the most likely places for you to meet your future spouse was in the workplace. This was and still should be the natural order of things simply because it makes sense.

You work in the same building as other women, so there would naturally be opportunities to have casual interactions with them. This might involve harmless flirting, then a meeting of minds, and a shared lunch together.

Then both people could make the decision to go on a date – either of them could make the first move.

Now, in the space of less than a decade, the workplace has become an incredibly dangerous place for men. Not only do they have to deal with stupidity like gender quota hiring practices, but there’s also the daily preaching sessions on the imaginary and completely unproven gender pay gap.

But worse, and most insidious, of all is the risk of falling foul of a sexual harassment claim.

Back when people were sane – the millions of years leading up to 2012 – sexual harassment was a very clearly defined thing. Men (and women) were prosecuted for it, but only after they had their legal right to due process.

In our “modern” world, all a man has to do is look at a woman the wrong way and he’ll be in front of the entirely female HR team in a heartbeat.

Dating in the workplace is fraught with danger, at least for men. But for people who identify as trans lesbian non-op men…it’s completely safe.

The real irony here is that the #MeToo movement is creating a world that’s almost as puritanical as the one in “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

It’s a world where swimsuit competitions are banned, wearing a revealing evening gown is frowned upon..but you can still take part in a “Slut-Shaming” walk, going completely topless. And nobody can say a thing or they’re labeled sexist, and that includes any woman who raises her voice.

If there’s a joke here we’re struggling to find it.

The message here is a simple one: Avoid dating coworkers, unless you’re trying to get fired.

Meeting Women at the Gym

man struggling in the barbell

There are two types of people who go to any gym.

The first are the ones who go there every day but do little in the way of exercise except for standing in front of a mirror and/or doing another set of bicep curls.

Leg day?

Forget about it. They’re way too busy admiring themselves in the mirrors…even if it did take surgery and a whole pile of steroids to get so “swole”.

Then there are people who genuinely want to get in shape. It’s usually an even mixture of men and women, both equally awkward about dragging their sweaty asses to the gym each day.

And it’s those people who stand the best chance of hooking up with each other, even though you do still need to be careful here.

The first trick is to make yourself appear available for conversation – so you need to keep your Spotify playlist turned down to humane levels. Or just skip the headphones entirely.

We’ve all used the trick of sitting on a bus, train or plane and immediately putting on our headphones.

They send a very clear signal: I’m not interested in talking to you for the duration of this trip.

It works too, even if they know you’re not listening to music or an audiobook. So…

Step #1 is ditch the headphones, at least for a few days.

Step #2 Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and smile – especially if she looks as tired and sweaty as you do.

Step #3 Don’t assume the perfect 10 is out of your league. Most guys already avoid her because they think she’s either high maintenance, a devout vegan, or is already taken. Most of the better looking women in gyms are actually single.

Step #4 Work out at different times of the day. Single moms tend to hit the gym either before the school run, or just after it. You need to mix up your routine until you find “peak conversation” time.

Step #5 Join a class. Spinning is popular with women, so there are very few men present. The same deal applies to yoga.

Step #6 Take your time. Don’t ask her out on a date when you’ve only bumped into her twice.

Step #7 Be okay with hearing “No, thanks”. You’ll develop a thick skin, but always, always be graceful if she turns you down. And don’t get cold and weird with her afterward. You see, she might be trying to figure out if you’re genuine, so pretending she’s invisible because she wouldn’t go on a date with you places you in the category of “creep”.

Step #8 Male sweat is loaded with pheromones. Real women actually love masculine men. Don’t be afraid to work up a real sweat, but skip the Broseph screaming and grunting. It might sound primal, but believe us when we say this, everyone in the gym hates guys who do that.

So, yes you can definitely meet single, eligible, sane women at the gym. The only thing is that you’re going to have to put actual physical effort into doing this, and that includes learning how to talk to women in a way they enjoy.

If you get it right she’ll be the one turning up to the gym hoping to meet you there.  So, the big advantage of trying to date a fitness girl is that at least you will be getting in shape.  It is a better choice than going to singles bars.


Did you know that atheism is actually dying out?

If you talk to atheists they’ll insist it’s actually a religion that’s dying out. Let’s not make it about opinions here though – because facts genuinely don’t care about feelings.

Why is atheism on the way out?

Well, the first reason is because many atheists don’t want to have kids.

The second is that more people than ever are searching for meaning, so many atheists are slowly swapping over to agnosticism. They might not attend church every week, but they do accept they don’t have all the answers and will try to seek solace in a spiritual setting.

Another factor is that the days of the “fire and brimstone” preachers are now history. Most modern churches are far more open and – we hate using this word – inclusive than ever before.

And meeting women who are part of your local church means you can immediately eliminate the ones you want to avoid most – intersectional and third-wave feminists. These nutjobs hate everything the church stands for, even if it’s never done them any harm directly. As you already know, there’s no point in arguing with them about anything.

So, the women you’ll meet in a church are ones who are looking to live a good life, to meet a guy, have kids and settle down.

They’re women who are in favor of the nuclear family because they understand that this family “model” is the only way for Western society and its values to survive into the 2100s.

You obviously don’t want to try any PUA techniques with church-going women – not even for a split second. It’s not that they’re prudes or have never had sex, but hitting on women at Church is about as sleazy as hitting on women outside an abortion clinic.

Just don’t do it.

But do make yourself part of the congregation. Go to social events organized by the church.

Sure, there’s going to be some crazy women there – wanting to live in the light of God or something. But you’ll just as likely meet women who are simply tired of the bar scene, tired of dating sites, and really just want to meet a nice guy they can settle down with.

This is where feminism does you a lot of favors – it’s driving more and more women to become conservative again.

And we don’t mean conservative in a chained-to-the-sink-cooking-dinner-while-giving-birth way. Conservatism for these women means no longer being part of a radicalized ideology that hates men, women and even children.


This is the type of advice a parent would give you when you’re single, but joining a club can definitely help you in meeting women.

The one huge proviso here is that you need to be careful about what type of club you join i.e. are there any female members of roughly your age?

One example of this is a friend who joined a martial arts club in the early 2000s, both to get in shape and broaden his dating horizons. It was only after the first few months he realized that women generally don’t like training in traditional ju-jitsu for more than a few weeks.

He was hooked by that stage, so he stayed training, but not a single date was had.

Think about clubs that would be frequented by both men and women. Book clubs are a great idea, whereas boxing clubs are a bad one. A poetry appreciation club is a great idea, but an archery club…not so much.

Come up with some interests you’ve wanted to pursue for years, and then check out any relevant clubs in your area.

Do some research in advance via their social media pages. You should figure out whether or not it’s a total sausage fest or a meeting place for the old and lonely.

Sure, you’ll be old and lonely someday too, but right now you have a life to build for yourself.

Also, bear in mind that single women join these clubs for the same reason – to find a single guy. They might not make the first move, but they are most definitely looking for friendship if nothing else.

Are we suggesting you should do a HALO drop into the friend zone?

Nope, but lots of great relationships have started out as friendships. Just avoid the beta male territory and habits and you’ll be fine.

And what we mean by beta male is don’t go around describing yourself as a feminist or as an ally of feminism – some women might love that…but they still won’t date you. Plus, male feminists are kinda creepy. Actually, they’re really creepy.

Single Dads Have an Advantage!

No guy ever wants to become a single dad, but many guys don’t have any choice.

Sure, there are losers who run out on their kids, but they aren’t the people we’re speaking to here.

The guys we do want to talk to are the ones who were unlucky enough for their relationship to simply not work out, or who had the equal misfortune to father a kid with a nutcase.

Remember, the laws in most countries favor women in court proceedings, including custody of a child. This happens even when the mother of the child is the nutcase mentioned above.

So, having custody of your child means you had to fight for it.

Can single dads really compete on the dating scene?

Well, the Huffington Post agrees that they can, and considering how utterly pro-feminist they are, this is pretty surprising. We’re not surprised though, because we’re known this for years. And we’re not a Leftist rag either.

So, why do single dads have an advantage on the dating scene?

  1. You’ve already proven that you’re responsible i.e. you’re taking care of a kid financially and emotionally.
  2. Your sensitivity levels are way up, but kids do have that effect on their dads
  3. You are in no rush to just meet, bed and discard women – you have a kid to think about now.
  4. You want a relationship that lasts and not a string of short-term mini relationships.
  5. You know the way that walking a puppy attracts lots of attention from women? Yeah, try walking through an open park with your kid in their stroller – lingerie elastic automatically loosens at the sign of a single guy out walking his kid. Kids…they’re like puppies…except better.

Please do not pretend to be a single dad though. We know how much social currency it can be worth, but once you’re found out to be a fake you’ll have to relocate, probably to another country.

Meeting Women In Bars?

women in a masquerade bar

When it comes to meeting people in bars, women have all the power and privilege here, even if they pretend otherwise.

Men are always expected to make the first move, gutting up and potentially getting shot down. Some women get a kick out of dismissing men in these situations, even though they hate being dismissed by anyone in their own lives.

Third-wave feminists have this habit of saying “You don’t deserve my time” to guys who ask them out.

The honest truth is that most guys would rather be shot out of a cannon and straight into a brick wall than try to meet a woman in a bar. It’s probably less painful too.

Meeting women in bars was always tough, but again the #MeToo movement has made offering to buy a woman a drink the equivalent of trying to clear a minefield with a sledgehammer. Blindfolded.

Basically, the bar scene is an absolute nightmare.

The days of being brave and walking up to a woman are over.

You need to be way more sophisticated than that.

What you could consider instead is using a seduction coach. Relax, this isn’t what it sounds like.

You see the art of seduction is lost on most men. In fact, most guys will down several beers before approaching a woman, and that lack of subtlety guarantees zero results in all but the worst of cases i.e. you wouldn’t date her sober.

A seduction coach’s job is to teach you how to speak to women, how to approach them, and how to engage them in a way they find both entertaining and non-threatening. They effectively provide dating tips for shy guys.

Hiring a one-to-one coach isn’t cheap, but if you’re struggling to meet women think of this as a long-term investment in your future happiness, and not a short-term expense.

What About Tinder?

Tinder app

Dating apps have been around for a long time now – almost as long as online dating has.

Run of the mill dating apps like PoF (Plenty of Fish), Match and OkCupid all work off the same basic algorithm of matching people based on things like age, personal interests, etc.

They do have a reasonable level of success – you won’t have to look very far in your social circle before you find at least a few couples who met, dated and got married because of online dating.

There are some newcomers to the world of dating apps, with Coffee Meets Bagel being one example. Most other dating apps work on a volume approach to dating – the more people you connect with and date, then the higher your chances of success will be. Coffee Meets Bagel focuses on offering your fewer connections, but more valuable ones.

There’s even an app called Lulu that allows women to rank men, but they can do it anonymously. We’d call that out for being sexist, but the reality is that men don’t care. Unlike feminists.

Tinder shook the online dating app scene up by introducing the simple concept of being able to “swipe right” on women you like and to “swipe left” on the women you have no interest in. Lots of their competitors have tried since to copy this approach, but Tinder rules that roost.

Are Online Dating Apps Worth Using?

Yes, but you need to understand that women on sites like POF and OkCupid get a lot of married guys “looking for fun”. So you need to be prepared to put in some work here if she seems like a really good match for you.

Another weird thing with online dating sites is that the 7/10 women on them act like they’re Gisele Bündchen. There’s such a shortage of really hot single women on most dating apps that the 7/10s get a lot of attention, and they really play up to it. To be fair it’s probably the most attention they’ve had in their lives, so they make the most of it.

Lastly, there are lots of crazy women using these apps.

With all that being said, we personally know several couples, many now married, who met their future spouse through an online dating app.

You just need to tread carefully on these apps, and definitely don’t go down the road of sending pictures of…well…you know what, to women, you don’t know very well.

Social media is forever, guys!

Is There Another Way To Meet A Great Woman?

So, there are options for meeting women local to you. Go back to college, go to church, or go to the gym. Men meet women in all of these places every day. They can work.

But if none of them have worked for you yet and you are not willing or able to take the time and effort to pursue one of these approaches maybe you should think about international dating.

You break the ice online through a dating site and then, after several months of messages and video chats, you travel to meet the woman who you are interested in.

You’re simply traveling to another country to meet interesting single women, who share the same traditional values as you. The one difference between the above and the international dating tours you might take part in, are that your tours are organized by a company.

There’s nothing weird about it. And again, North American, European and Australasian men travel overseas because they’ve either exhausted their opportunities at home, or gotten sick and tired of being preached to by one angry feminist after another.

What we can say with certainty is that international dating is going to remain extremely popular for the foreseeable future.

That’s just the social landscape you exist in right now, fellas.

Meet a Sexy Latina In Colombia

Colombian girl in bikini

If you’ve ever watched the show ‘Narcos’ on Netflix, then the first thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about Colombia. The days of the drug cartels are over. Single Colombian women are friendly, intelligent and some of the most beautiful women in Latin America.

We’re not kidding about that either – the women here are generally stunning, and they also have no issue with dating and marrying gringos. Gringos are you, by the way.

What do you have to do? Be polite, well-groomed and willing to at least act like a gentleman. You also don’t need to be the same age as your Colombian girlfriend – they view older guys as being more stable and experienced in life than any of the young bucks chasing them around.

Meet a Latin Mail Order Bride In Costa Rica

Costa Rican women in bikinis

Ticas (Costa Rican women) are known for not only their beauty, but how tired they are of being cheated on by men in their country. There’s a real expectation here that women are meant to cook, clean, stay at home and have babies. Meanwhile the guy gets to do whatever he wants.

That’s exactly why Single Costa Rican women are looking for North American and European guys to date and marry.

Yes, there is a small element of this that has to do with having a much higher quality of life outside Costa Rica, but it’s not at all about money. They’re far more interested in how well you treat them than how much you earn.

Ticas carry about how they look, about staying fit and how they carry themselves – they’d never dream of piling on 50 pounds and sitting around on the sofa all day.

They are naturally beautiful, family-oriented and a partner for life.

Meet A Russian Bride In Moscow

Russian woman with kissable lips

Russia is actually the home of the modern international dating scene, brought about by the fall of the Soviet Union. Suddenly these women found themselves exposed to Western ideas and a lifestyle that simply didn’t exist behind the “Iron Curtain”.

And they embraced it with both hands.

Russian women might have a reputation for being somewhat cold, but that’s only when you first meet them. They’re simply gauging how good a match you are for them, and they’re naturally blunt, so there are no guessing games when dating a Russian woman.

What do Russian women look like?

Yes, there are plenty of blue-eyed blondes here with stunning figures, but there are also millions of dark-haired Slavic women living in the country.

What are they looking for? A good guy to fall in love with, especially one without any substance abuse problems – alcoholism is at epidemic levels amongst Russian men.

Russian women are not just beautiful but also have an amazing work ethic, so look no farther if you’re looking for a business partner as well as a loving Russian wife.

Meet A Ukrainian Mail Order Bride In Kiev

a beautiful Ukrainian girl

If you’re sick of being treated like a second class citizen by Western women, then you’ll find Ukrainian women to be a complete breath of fresh air.

Ukraine is a country that doesn’t attract a lot of attention from men on the international dating scene, but that’s where you’re missing out.

Women here exercise regularly to stay in shape, they eat well and they dress to impress all the time. Ukraine will eventually become a member of the European Union (EU), so it’s important for any guys looking for an Eastern European wife to visit here before that happens.

Once a country is introduced to Western influences on a daily basis, the women quickly change their opinions i.e. feminists take over.

Meet a Stunning Thai Woman In Bangkok

cute, stunning Thai girl

Thailand might not be at the top of your list because of its reputation for sex tourism. Now, while this does happen, it doesn’t mean that every Thai woman is involved in it.

In fact, most Thai women are disgusted by that aspect of their country’s culture and steer clear of it. Genuine Thai women are all about family values and making a better life for themselves.

If you want to meet a better quality of Thai girl make sure that you hang out at the bars near universities – the girls who hang out in these places are young professionals, and not “bar girls” or even close.

Thai women do like their men to be somewhat assertive, and to dress like men – beta males will strike out here almost every single time.

Meet Amazing Philippine Brides

hot Filipina girl at the beach

Filipinas are stuck in the same position as you – they want to meet somebody to fall in love with but the locals are sadly lacking. This is a predominantly Christian country, so family values and having kids is very important to women here.

Filipina singles are petite, slim and have that Asian allure that makes any man stop to pay attention. It’s probably because the demure nature of Pinays is in direct contrast to the loud, brash, Western women you’ve had to put up with.

You know the type – constantly blaming men for everything and finding something new to protest about every week.

A Filipina has no interest in doing anything other than finding a nice guy to spend her life with – and that includes guys who are older than her.

One thing you need to be able to prove is that you’re capable of providing for your future family. This is a cultural thing for her and has nothing to do with greed.

It’s what they consider to be a manly trait.

Women Love To Meet a Traveling Man

a travelling man looking at a map

Everyone should spend at least some small part of their life traveling to other countries to experience different cultures.

There’s a whole big world out there for you to enjoy, filled with tens of millions of single women without all the emotional and psychological baggage you find in North American or European women.

Any guy who sets out on a personal adventure to travel the world will naturally attract attention to himself, especially in countries where a local girl might never have traveled outside her own city, never mind her country.

What most people don’t realize is that traveling the world doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can do it for about $25 per day in many countries, although a budget of $50 per day is more sensible.

But if you don’t have time to spend several months traveling around the globe to meet new, exciting and exotic women then you can always combine international travel with a touch of romance by signing up for a romance tour.

These tours are usually organized by a reputable dating agency, and they take care of all the paperwork. All you need to do is turn up at the airport and prepare for the time of your life, meeting singles from any of a number of different countries.


It isn’t easy to find true love in today’s society, especially if you’re living in the Western world.

But you do still have options available to you both locally and internationally.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, so maybe it’s time for you to try something different.

Learn to date hot foreign women

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