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Dating After Divorce: A Few Tips

For a lot of men dating after divorce is a minefield. It's like going back to your old hometown twenty years after you left and seeing everything has changed.

Dating today is not the same as dating was in the 1990s and you aren't the same person you were in the 1990s. Neither of those things have to be negatives, but those changes come as a shock and make post-divorce dating a huge challenge for many men.

A lot of times the dating difficulties are one of the things that make men consider international dating as an alternative. It can be a great option for a lot of men, but even if you are going to pursue a foreign woman there are certain dating mistakes you just don't want to make.

The article, Top Mistakes Men Make When Dating After Divorce, explains a lot of the common traps that men make when trying to get back in the dating game after years or even decades out of the singles scene. Here is a preview of the common dating blunders:

  • Mistake #1: You negatively talk about your ex and the failed marriage
  • Mistake #2: You discuss your financial woes
  • Mistake #3: You are continuously angry and self-absorbed with your own problems
  • Mistake #4: You are stuck in college
  • Mistake #5: You talk about your kids the entire date

It's a very good read regardless of whether the women you are dating after your divorce are from Cleveland or Kiev. Here is a link to the article: