Sunny Vietnamese Bride

Name: Yen Nhi
Age: 23

City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ID#: 1234051
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Vietnamese nature girl

Yen Nhi is a cute young Vietnamese bride. She seems like a young lady who is mature far beyond her years and she is looking for a husband – not a guy to travel with – not a pen pal – a husband.

She describes herself by explaining that,

Although I’m still young, but I think I’m mature from all aspects. I know the true meaning of life, and the importance of being grateful, tolerant and behave well.

But Yen Nhi makes it pretty clear that there is one thing she is not tolerant about: cheating.

Describing what sort of a man she is interested in she explains,

I come here for meeting my soul mate , life partner who is trustworthy, mature, responsible, humor and family-oriented. He can be not only my prince, but also my friend.

This is pretty much a very polite way of saying, No DAMN Players!

See women are just the same everywhere. From South Alabama to South Vietnam they don’t like players. That is something that many women mention, but Yen Nhi basically repeated that point eight times in her dating profile.

In a lot of the nations that produce mail order brides Western men have a super reputation for fealty and devotion, perhaps better than they really deserve.

I don’t know, but mistresses are not frowned upon the same way in many of these cultures as they generally are across the West, with the exception of France.

Well, that’s what the sociologist tell you and that’s what men from Vietnam and Ukraine say, but clearly a lot of women HATE the whole mistress culture.

Still, a lot of these girls’ sisters and relatives must be someone’s mistress or the whole tradition would collapse.

Or perhaps, there are not as many mistresses in Vietnam, China, or France as the men in those countries would like to have us believe there are.

I suppose that’s one of the mysteries of life.

Well, don’t contact Yen Nhi unless you are not a player or at least a reformed player. She is a very pretty girl and she seems sweet.

Check her out!

happy Vietnamese girl

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