Lovely Legs

Name: Lyudmila
ID#: 1982617
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 18

City: Myrnohrad, Ukraine

Kids: No

Occupation: Choreographer
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian
Archetypes: Sexy Artists,

An Anastasia is a beautiful, smart, young Russian girl looking for a Western man, and by those standards this Anastasia is the real Lyudmila.  This is one of the best Eastern European mail order brides and we have a lot here if you missed that gallery take a look.

DAMN!  This lady is smoking hot.

Really, look at those long lean legs and that beautiful smile.


Lyudmila is a smart, sexy lady with perhaps the loveliest legs in all of Europe or maybe the entire world.

Oh, I can’t promise that, but frankly I suspect if you were looking at her legs under that tight red dress you would probably think they were the most beautiful legs in the entire world.

Lyudmila says she spends a lot of time in exercising. Her favorite sports are basketball, golf and skiing.

She could easily be a fitness model and she should just keep doing whatever she is doing because it obviously works.

I do believe Lyudmila is a very sweet lady, and that is very important when I am looking for lady’s to profile here on International Love Scout.  I am looking for women whose profiles show a zest for life and a kind heart, because I believe those are important aspects to success in an international romance.

Sweet Ukrainian Mail Order Bride

Lyudmila seems to have both in abundance.  She writes that…

I love life! Everyday is a new experience! I like to meet new people who are happy to meet me, I feel extremely comfortable with them. I love to travel and open something new. I like playing basketball, golf and skiing every year.

That is zest.

And she is kind too.  She explains that,

I am a very cheerful and interesting lady with a good sense of humor. I think, I am a nice person, always trying to help others. I always want people to be happy and smiling. I`m kind and gentle but extremely short-tempered. My friends have never seen me angry…


I’m not quite sure what she meant there because how can you be short-tempered without your friends having ever seen you angry?  She finished that thought by explaining, I`m not an impulsive lady but sometimes I can be spontaneous.

What this probably means is she needs English lessons.  And really, wouldn’t you like to conjugate with Lyudmila?

Damn, but she is hot-hot-hot!

Gorgeous, girl.

I am sure she is used to men showering her with gifts and compliments. She probably will not be an easy lady to win, but I suspect that the man who wins her heart will be very happy.

Lyudmila is a true stunner. The sort of Ukrainian woman you would be happy to introduce to your friends and say, Yep, I met her on a mail order bride website while you were blowing all of your money at strip joints and child support. This woman is world class hot!

She is a student, but she doesn’t say what she is majoring in and you probably don’t care. She says she speaks good English and that’s certainly a step in the right direction.

She also has a ton of great exclusive photos over at Anastasiadate so what are you waiting for – go check out her profile!

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