The Sexiest Ukrainian Bride

Name: Anna
ID#: 176711
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 26

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Nurse
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Poor
Languages: Russian (native),Ukrainian (native)

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

It is not possible to be this beautiful and to be on a dating website looking for a partner. Either the guys in her city, Kiev, are all brain dead, or she is particularly fussy and wants a foreign husband.

And that’s the crux of the whole dating business. These girls want someone special. They want somebody that will respect them, love them, to take care of them. They want a man from another country.

In fact, my friend, they want you. Because here you are looking at this profile and wondering, why? why? why? when you should be moving your fingers over the computer keyboard constructing an introductory letter to her.

Anna is certainly something special, undeniably beautiful. She has some firm ideas about relationships as well so you need to find some common ground and have the same ideals.

She says that being unfaithful is the ultimate betrayal but if you’re like me you’d be scratching your head wondering how you could EVER be unfaithful to such a gorgeous woman.

She doesn’t drink doesn’t smoke and is into activities like dancing, swimming and gymnastics, would you believe?

It’s impossible to look at these pictures and not fall in love, just a little. Do you dare to dream that having such a beautiful partner is at all possible? Do you ever wonder about yourself and your ability to capture the heart of a woman?

Have you been in a failed relationship or relationships? Lost a bit of confidence? Afraid to take that step to open communications with a person from the opposite sex again? You know, these women are actually waiting, every day, for some letter, call, note, anything, from a man to know that they are still desirable.

Anna has gone to all this trouble to make herself alluring to you, attractive to you. It’s time you did something about those feelings of loneliness. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If this is the first time for you after a long period alone, maybe a quick read of this will help you get started.

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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