Naughty Chinese Beauty

Name: Xiaohong
ID#: 161297
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 25

City: Guangzhou, China


Occupation: Not Listed
Religion: None
English Level: Not specified
Languages: Chinese (native)

At just 25 years old, Xiahong is both young, sexy, hot and beautiful. She’s not all that shy coming forward either and is telling you, asking you, to contact her and help her explore her sexuality.

Some girls are looking for a nice young man to start a steady relationship and then maybe get married.Some women are looking for a bit of romance and travel with the man of her dreams.

Xiahong is looking for a naughty, passionate man. So, there you go. It’s no use waiting for her to like you, she already does.

Tall and with a stunning body, Xiahong lives in a major Chinese city called Guangzhou. This town is reasonably close to Hong Kong so picking her up and taking her to Disneyland would make for a fascinating date.

She looks like she still has a bit of ‘little’ girl in her and for sure she would find that thrilling. Take her on as many rides as you can, then a trip to the Marine Park where you can have dinner overlooking a giant aquarium. Impressive and worth a reward.

This lovely Chinese babe is not too worried about your age either as she is looking for a man much older than her.

If you’re the sugar daddy type then here’s your opportunity. One thing for sure is that Xiahong will know how to look after you if you take care of her. Sounds like a reasonable trade!

Her English is probably not so good and there seem to be areas of interest missing in what she does for work and her hobbies, so the plan is to get to know her, set up a date and organise a trip.

Xiahong is young, sexy, and incredibly beautiful.  She just might be the hottest mail order bride in all of Asiaso what are you waiting for?

Meet her at Guangzhou and then trips to HK, Shanghai, Beijing, and Thailand would make for a great holiday.

She’s ready. Are you!?

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