Sexy Vegetarian Vietnam Single Lady

Name: Thi Bich Hau
ID#: 1221771
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 21

City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Occupation: Salesperson
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

foxy Vietnamese beauty in red dress

For every guy there are certain things that are just deal breakers. For instance, some guys just can’t deal with women who are tatted up.

Others won’t date a single mom. No kids for me, is something guys often mention, but for a significant number of callow faced granola munchers, mostly from Californian, Oregon, and the Midlands region of England, they will not date a chick, no matter how hot, hot smart, or even how rich if she eats meat.


So, these Birkenstock wearing granola crunchers want us to find a hot mail order bride with the beauty of Helen, the patience of Job, AND she has to be a vegetarian.

Come on, man!

It is moments like this that I wish I had taken my Uncle Pete up on his offer to take over his truck stop.

Well, I finally found a super-hot mail order bride who is also a vegetarian.

A HOT vegetarian!

That seems hard to believe, but take a look at Thi. She is super-hot. She says she is a salesperson, but I don’t know what she is selling, but something tells me you are buying whatever she’s got.

She is a beautiful girl…. Here is more proof:

lovely girl from Vietnam

But here is where it gets crazy. On AsainDate profiles there is an Interview section down near the bottom of the page.

None of the girls get particularly carried away with this and usually there isn’t much to it, but on the second page of her interview of her interview when she is asked about her favorite food she says, Barbecue.


Sometimes these ladies really throw a curve ball at me.

I’ve got family from Central Texas to Central South Carolina. I know barbecue. I went to Dreamland when the only person who could cut in the line that always ran out the door was Bear Bryant.

I’ve had killer barbecue in Memphis, Vicksburg, and dozens of little towns.

I’ve even eaten some pretty fair Korean barbecue in Los Angeles, so I know barbecue. And barbecue is meat, usually, pork or beef – sometimes chicken.

So, I am confused.

Maybe, there is some cultural clue I am missing. I don’t know. But maybe now, this sexy Vietnamese bride is of more interest to guys beyond the chic pea belt in Northern California.

I don’t know, but this gives you a great way to start your conversation with Thi if you are interested in sexy Asian brides and if you weren’t interested you would have never read this far.

Check her out!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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