Sexy Smile

Name: Victoria
ID#: 155747
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 26

City: Kherson, Ukraine

Yes: 1 – boy, 1 y/o

Occupation: Accountant
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (native)

Archetypes: Nature Girls, Cute & Sweet

Victoria is from the Ukraine and presents her profile with a lot of enthusiasm, along with a very sexy smile!

She is not only educated, but also trilingual, speaking Russian, Ukrainian, and of course a fairly fluent amount of English.

Victoria is fairly tall, though not surprising for a Slovak woman; at just over 5”9.

tall Ukrainian accountant

She shows a great interest and passion in finding and meeting the man of her dreams to start a future with.

Victoria also expresses a commitment to her family and loved ones in her profile, which is especially appealing.

Slovak women in general are known to make extraordinary mothers and wives, so it should be no surprise that Victoria would be a top pick for someone seeking to interact with a woman that’s going to go above and beyond to be the best wife and mother for a future family.

Victoria is classy, and presents her profile in a stylish, yet creative way.

Like many Ukrainians, Victoria comes off as very genuine and committed, not only expressing a desire to explore and satisfy her future lover and man; but also requesting that he have a genuine interest in getting to know her better–and why she is special.

Victoria comes off as quite nice in her profile, and men really do go crazy for a woman with a killer smile!

Not only this, but also an added sense of pride, independence, and one that truly knows what she wants out of not only a man, but life in general.

Adding to sweetening the pie is that she’s educated and already has a career as an accountant.

Such a level of independence and hard-work ethics are very desirable by any man.

Although Victoria is considerably ‘well-grounded’, she does express in her profile that she is seeking a man that can also be a provider for her, their future family, and is stable himself—which is understandable and unique to her personality and honest wants or needs.

How hard can that be?

Victoria and her sexy smile are from the Ukrainian city of Kherson. Kherson is a shipbuilding city that became popular during World War II.

The city is fairly populated with at least 300,000 people in it and enjoys a mild climate.

It is located in southern Ukraine on the coasts of the Black Sea and Dnieper River.

If you want to learn more about Kershon – Click Here.

Although Kherson is a beautiful city with rich Soviet history and many cultural places of interest to visit, it is as equally popular for its large amount of women looking to marry foreign men.

Being a port city, locals are used to travelers from throughout Europe and Asia.

The city is also home to four Universities, making it a destination for many young Ukrainian girls seeking foreign husbands.

Kershon is one of the top destination for Romance Tours in the Ukraine. Both Anastasia and A Foreign Affair run tours to Kershon several times a year.

If you want more information on these tours – check out this page.

Archetypes: Nature Girls, Cute & Sweet

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