Sexy Insurance Agent

Name: Victoria
ID#: 7592095
Agency: Elenas Models (Review)
Age: 26

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Insurance Agent
Religion: Christian
English Level: Good
Languages: Russian: Fluent

This is Victoria.  She sells insurance.  Yes, she is a sexy insurance agent.  Are you in the market for a little insurance?

Wow! I know there are hot insurance agents in the US, but I’ve never seen any.  As long as she wore that miniskirt I would be willing to listen to the pros and cons of whole life versus term for as long as she wanted.  Do you know the difference?

Victoria will probably be impressed with your research.

She says that she is …a kind, sincere, tenderness and frank person Hummm, insurance sales may not be the right profession for her in that case, but at least she’s not selling cars.

She seems like a friendly person, which is always good for a salesperson, and she writes that, …I’m sociable and friendly person.

And for an insurance agent or a girlfriend those are both critical.  She explains that, I like to help people and to make them the happiest in the world, with high quality – low cost collision and comprehensive auto insurance. OK, I added that last part, but I bet her sales pitch goes something like that.

Well, I would be willing to listen to whatever she wanted to talk about.

So, Victoria’s got a head for business and legs for dreams and a guy can’t really ask for more than that. She is just an amazing Ukrainian girl with a model’s looks and a sweet disposition.

She really doesn’t have a lot of crazy demands she say that…

I know that it is wonderful and amazing to see the warm smiles and to share tenderness and passion with beloved person.

Do you think you can manage that?

Her profile is brought to you by the geniuses at Elena’s Models. Check her out!

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