Dating Colombian Women is Fun!

Name: Claren
ID#: 120472224
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 32

City: Medellin, Colombia


Occupation: Finance expert
Languages: English, Spanish

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

single Colombian looking for boyfriend

I love the variety of women in Colombia. It’s a country with a long history of visitors who couldn’t resist the charm and allure of its women and the results astound my senses.

Claren is a perfect example.

Her beautiful big black eyes and chocolate skin tell me that her family is probably at some point from the coastal areas of Colombia.

Las Costenas, as they are called, grab life and make every day a procession of laughter and joy. That’s why I love dating Colombian women.

Claren is a real beauty, you can see that by looking at her pictures, but if you read what she wrote in her profile she also seems to be a real sweet person – here is what she says about herself:

I am outgoing and I like to have friends my passion is being helpful to people and create new communication between people I meet. I am friendly and caring.

But don’t let those doe eyes fool you – this is a girl who knows what she wants, especially in a man – she writes:

My favorite type of man is someone passionate about building new relationships with friends and having interests by any kind of topic, someone entrepreneur and nice to be with

She doesn’t say how old a guy she is looking for in her profile, but it sounds like Claren is looking for a mature guy, not a frat boy.

This beautiful Colombiana currently lives in Medellin, which was a real mess back in the 80’s because of the drug wars that raged thru Colombia.

Well, the drug wars have moved North to the border towns of Mexico and Medellin is now a wonderful city with a thriving nightlife.

Medellin is Colombia’s second biggest city and has a very European feel, except for the women, they are 100% Latina!

If you want to know more about this lovely Latina hop on over to Amolatina and check out the rest of her profile – she has some absolutely stunning photos posted there and a video that is temptingly entitled “Modeling”.

Claren lists her profession as “Finance Expert” but I would not be the least bit surprised if she did some modeling in her spare time.

Make it happen!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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