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Name: Yevgeniya
ID#: 173254
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 23

City: Sumy, Ukraine


Occupation: English Teacher
Religion: Christian
English Level: Excellent
Languages: French (good), Russian (native), Ukrainian (native)

Archetypes: Fluent, Bikini Brides

Oh my god.  Yevgeniya is a ray of sun shine on even the most cloudy of days.  Long flowing blonde hair and green eyes.

Truly stunning.  5’6” and 119 lbs of athletic fitness.  The perfect body.

Yevgeniya’s a teacher.  I can imagine sitting in the front row of her class raising my hand every ten minutes just to talk to her.

Well, you’re in luck.  She speaks fluent English.  All you have to do is reach out to her.  Ask her about her favorite movie.  Her favorite food.

This is the type of woman you simply want to look at and listen to.  Women love a good listener.

I want to believe that some powerful force leads you to me.  She really wants this.

Ukrainian model leaning on the wall

And in many ways she’s right. The internet’s an amazing tool.  She literally wants your heart to skip a beat when you look at her.

As I look at her profile picture my heart beats strong.

She’s also a cook   So yes that answers your question But can she cook?

Sagittarius women need challenges and intellectual stimulation in all parts of their lives.  You can tell by her written profile.

blonde Ukrainian bikini babe

The woman has a head on her shoulders.  She will be the woman getting all the attention at any social gathering.  Trust me.

I am a romantic person and I am able to do something unusual and special for my beloved man.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to chat with this woman nothing will.  Something unusual.  Well, she does say she’s inventive.

And remember, she is a teacher.  Do not forget.  Teachers teach.

At the end of the day, Yevgeniya simply wants a man to love her and be faithful to her.

If you can fulfill those two desires, I really think you can grow with this woman.

You can find Yevgeniya  at  Find out what unusual means.  When you do, let me know.

Archetypes: Fluent, Bikini Brides

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