Sexy Blue Jeans

Name: Hidaya
ID#: 20770408331
Agency: ArabianDate (Review)
Age: 20

City: Agadir, Morocco


Archetypes: Cute & Sweet


Hidaya is a stunner!  Look at how she CRUSHES those jeans!

Blue jeans, denims, or, as the United States Navy calls them, dungarees are simple utilitarian piece of clothing plumbers wear them, cowboys wear them, carpenters, and with today’s more casual sartorial standards so do lawyers, doctors, and hedge fund managers.

But very few people wear their jeans better than this gorgeous lady from Morocco.


She is just SEXY!

Those jeans are not super tight – not that I have anything against tight jeans.  It is just that Hidaya has this casual sexiness that is amazing.


So, besides looking sexy in a pair of torn jeans this sexy Arab girl is a student.

She is tall, 5’9, and lives in Agadir, Morocco.

She writes that, im a young girl who wants to have a relationship and meet new people around the world, don’t be shy i won’t reject anyone. Feel free to talk about anything you want…

She seems like a very relaxed, cool girl.

Hidaya is on Arabiandate you might be able to chat with her in five minutes.

That is if you are interested in chatting with a cool, sexy, beautiful girl.

Why not live a little?

Morocco is just a short flight from most of Europe. And Hidaya wants to meet a guy a lot like you.

Or you can stay on your couch and keep watching other people have a great life.

No guts – no glory, it is the truth in love as in most aspects of life.

A Moroccan mail order bride might revolutionize your life or maybe not, but at least you will have given it a try.

If you are a good guy and you are trying you can find the happiness you deserve.

Maybe you can find that happiness with a sexy Arab girl in blue jeans?

Good luck!

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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