Find Love With This Modern Moroccan Woman

Name: Najoua
ID#: 50019
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 21

City: Casablanca, Morocco


Occupation: Make-up artist
Religion: Muslim
English Level: Good

I want to see the world – I have never traveled and I am fascinated by the people who find time and money for it. Another goal for me is to create my own business. I dream of opening my own development center for children. I want to be useful to the community. That is why I have chosen a profession that helps to understand children better.

The main purpose of my life is to build a strong family. I want to have a husband who will be my true friend, passionate lover, counselor and supporter. And I will be his sunshine, I will envelop him with care, respect and my grace. This is the meaning of love and marriage! Also, I want to have a son and a daughter as I adore kids!

I try to spend my free time with benefits for me. I use it for self-development or do something that brings me true pleasure. For example, I read books. Mostly, these are adventure novels with a romantic plot. I love listening to music and dancing to it. Then my mood becomes better. I like to go for a walk with my friends.

I love going to the cinema for movie premieres, eating popcorn and then discussing the movie with friends. Also, I have been practicing kanzashi for 7 years. This is a technique of creating jewelry. I like to give jewelry created with my hands to relatives and friends. It shows my concern and love for them.

I`m the type of woman who can`t fall in love with a man`s appearance. I will be able to love my mate only for the beauty of his soul. I am attracted to charismatic men who have a clear life position. I want us to have a common goal in life and to give our strength every day to reach that goal.

A man who enjoys spending time with children and who loves animals is my dream. I can`t stand the smell of cigarettes. I will never forbid smoking to my partner. It`s his choice. I respect freedom in all manifestations. But it will be unpleasant for me if my lover smells of cigarettes. Therefore, he will not smoke near me.

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