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Name: Jinzhu (Joanna)
ID#: 44109
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 22

City: Guangzhou, China


Occupation: Business Owner
Religion: None
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

Is there a doctor in the house? The answer to that question is, Yes, here she is. This very lovely lady is Jinzhu from the city of Guangzhou.

The province is Yunnan, which is one of the most spectacular areas of China which has mountains, rivers, and borders the country of Myanmar (Burma).

The city itself is one of the prettiest in China and sits on the shores of a lake called Dianchi Pool.

Maybe the word ‘lake’ got lost in translation as Dianchi is somewhat larger than what we would call a pool.

Jinzhu works in one of the main hospitals and loves her job and the work she does. She is 22 years old but from her photos that age is really a stretch of the imagination, she looks younger.

That’s the fantastic thing about Asian women, they never seem to age like a Western girl, it’s a forever young look about them!

This pretty lady is both educated and artistic and has a keen eye for photography, which is her main hobby.

She as provided lots of information in her profile and you would be advised to read it all so that you can find some common ground to talk about once you contact her.

She is looking for her prince and after a failed marriage you will need to work hard to gain her confidence and love. That will be a lot of fun as well.

Apart from her photography hobby, she likes the usual female stuff like fashion, travelling, and movies.

If you can’t find anything to talk about with Jinzhu, then you’re not really trying. Her only company in her spare time is her pet cat. Do you want to replace the cat? Just make contact with her.

English may be a small problem but she is intelligent and educated so she will be able to speak some and you can take the time to learn the most spoken language in the world – Mandarin.

A visit to Kunming should be high on your list of travel spots too, it’s quite an amazing place.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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