Blonde Ukrainian Girl With A Beautiful Smile

Name: Olga
ID#: 1908057
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)
Age: 28

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Secretary
English Level: Good

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

There are times when you are flicking through search matches on dating sites like this and sort of nodding in appreciation, the occasional, “Yeah, nice”, and then there are those fateful clicks that will land you on Olga’s picture and profile.

You should have that startled look and sharp intake of breath as you really want to read her profile.

One of the first thoughts that will come to you is: OMG! Is she still available? Then the next one will be: Why? Let’s check her out. She’s young, at 28, tall, at 5’9” and has a goddess look about her.

Long legs, slim body. Never married, doesn’t drink and has a degree. Keep looking as there might be something you will find that will give you a clue as to what might be turning potential suitors away from her.

She has a sunny and positive disposition, likes to communicate, and she can be decisive and sociable. The thought of her on your arm heading to a friend’s BBQ back home is starting to take on very hot and desirable dimensions.

Olga loves hiking and camping. So, the annual holiday in the National Park looks like wit will be a lot more fun if you can get her back home. She likes dancing.

In fact, she’s better than good, she was semi-professional. Uh, oh! Better get a few lessons in before you drag her onto the dance floor, but the wedding dance is going to be great.

Olga loves music. That’s another plus, although you hope your old vinyls will fill the bill. But riding around in the car and belting out a few ‘car’ioke tunes will make any drive a time of pleasure with Olga.


She doesn’t want a perfect man, so you have a chance, because you know you’re not perfect. Someone genuine, honest, and loyal would be a good start.

And anyway, for Olga, you’re going to change. Be whatever she wants you to be because there’s no way you’re letting her go if she decides you’re the man.

If ever a trip to Kiev had a good reason behind it, then Olga could very well be that reason. Step number one is opening the lines of communication.

Letters, emails, cams and whatever else you need to do to get to know each other. Is she genuinely as interested in you as you are in her?

Well, in her picture anyway. All good relationships start with a mutual physical attraction. If you don’t find Olga physically attractive, then click your mouse button, and move on.

Archetypes: Bikini Brides

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