Young Chinese Hottie

Name: Ke
ID#: 1297883
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 24

City: Anyang, China


Occupation: Business owner
English Level: Excellent

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

exquisite China babe as pretty as the flower

Regardless of whether there are 20 million more men than women in China, we still get beautiful young ladies like Ke wanting to find a relationship with a foreigner.

That means you’re in luck, of course, because when it comes to Chinese women, they are probably among the most beautiful on the planet.

It’s always being said how family oriented South America women are, and while that’s true, when you talk about family values and Chinese culture, it’s a whole new level.

And that’s something to think about when wanting to meet somebody like Ke.

This lovely young girl is just 24 years old so she is part of the younger generation of Chinese women who you will find have been a lot more exposed to the western way of life than the preceding generation.

Ke is tall, slender and quite beautiful and she is looking for a mature man who will treat her well and care for her. Wouldn’t you just love to do that? Age is a concern in the Chinese culture so if you’re over 40 this lady may not be for you.

Her English is very limited so there will be a need for translations of emails and letters. Do not depend on Google Translate to give you the real meaning of what she might be saying.

Mandarin is very rich and flowery when it comes to romance so you need to be on the ball to get the true meaning of Chinese characters.

Ke likes singing, reading and dancing so you will have to find some common ground there for you to discuss.

If you like Chinese food, then the Henan Province is going to make your mouth water with the range of cuisine available there. It’s a reason alone to go and visit the area.

The main course of action for you if Ke is of interest is to open some communication and get to know her.

She loves golf, roses, and love songs. That’s a pretty good start. You can send her a rose to show your interest then send her a letter or email for translation. Good luck!

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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