Sexy Mexican Fitness Trainer

Name: Mariana
ID#: 179776
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 24

City: Cancun, Mexico


Occupation: Trainer and nutritionist
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Good
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

In an online world inhabited almost entirely by olive-skinned Latinas, you can be 100% certain that a 24-year old, green-eyed blonde is going to stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what happens when you come across Mariana’s profile.

This young stunner lives in Playa del Carmen, but isn’t originally from there – her travels brought her there.

She still loves to travel when she can, so her partner would ideally have a similar interest in seeing other parts of the world.

Family is very important to her, and the fact that she misses her family quite a lot speaks volumes about what’s important to this young lady, as does her volunteer work.

Mariana is a full-time fitness trainer, and her profile pictures clearly show the results of all her hard work.

Looks can be deceiving though, and what might surprise you about this fitness trainer is that she’s also very interested in developing her spiritual side too, something she’s working towards through meditation and Yoga.

Now all of this might make Mariana sound like a very serious woman to date, but she enjoys drinking socially, so you know she’s happy to leave her hair down and have fun, once she’s doing that with the right guy.

She also loves shopping, and just being an adorable young woman too – all the normal stuff you’d expect from a girl of her age. But she also loves camping, which is great news for all you outdoorsy types.

Her conversational English isn’t very good, but why not make teaching her English a little bit of romantic fun between you both? You can also benefit from getting free Spanish lessons in return, no?

She’s looking for a man who’s comfortable in his own skin, and who isn’t afraid to pursue important goals, no matter what.

Unlike many women, Mariana doesn’t look down on a guy for showing how he really feels about stuff, but she has zero time for jealous guys.

Mariana could be a ray of sunshine in your life, if you’re lucky, but there’s only one sure way to find out, right?

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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