Single Mexican Lady Wants to Meet You!

Name: Maria Paul
ID#: 157688
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 27

City: Cancun, Mexico


Occupation: Acrobat
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Basic
Languages: Spanish (native)

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

We actually need a few moments to compose ourselves here because we feel like that scene in Jaws where they decided they needed a bigger boat.

Except in this case you’re going to need some kind of mechanical device to help you lift your jaw back up off the floor. Maria is an incredible example of Latina femininity, grace and beauty – she is drop-dead gorgeous.

If you’ve managed to tear yourself away from her profile pictures, we think you’d agree that she looks a lot like Sugey Abrego and Fabiola Campomanes, with a touch of ultra-sexy Salma Hayek thrown in for good measure.

We’d like to tell you a bit more about Maria, now that we’ve finally managed to calm ourselves down a bit. She is 27 years old, has hazel eyes and black hair, and doesn’t have any children.

She doesn’t smoke, but does drink socially. When Latina girls say they drink socially it’s nothing like what European or American women mean when they say they’re going for a drink with their friends i.e. coming home hammered drunk several hours later.

Maria Paul is from Cancun and of course Cancun is world famous for its beaches and Mayan ruins but can you really think of anything cooler than having her act as your personal tour guide?

What does this ravishing Latina do for a living? Believe it or not, she is a circus acrobat, but if you look at her toned physique you can see she has quite a bit of upper body strength, but not in a masculine way.

She would probably WANT to pose doing a handstand on the big Mayan pyramids. And you would almost certainly get to see her in a bikini. Really, what are you waiting for, dude?

Maria is your perfect fitness partner, because she loves all sports, and equally enjoys staying in shape.

In fact, Maria told us that, I’m passionate about everything I do, like a real Latin girl always is, and we think this shows in how she lives her life.

When it comes to men Maria knows exactly what she wants, and what she doesn’t. At the top of her list is a guy who understands that Latinas are fiery, but also very emotional, so he’s going to be okay with Maria expressing her emotions when she needs to.

She’s a bit quirky, so a guy who enjoys that (and is maybe quirky himself) would be ideal. She likes intelligent men, and she’s also looking for a guy who wants a serious relationship, and not just to hook upwith her.

Once you stop imagining what it must be like to kiss this stunning Latina, why not take the first step to maybe making that a reality for you?

Archetypes: Fitness Girls

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