Bogota Beauty

Name: Yeimy
ID#: 123262824
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 33

City: Bogotá, Colombia


Occupation: Pediatrician
Languages: English, Spanish

Archetypes: Nature Girls

Everybody’s heard of Colombia. It might not have been the news about weather and lifestyle and things to buy that you heard though.

It was probably more to do with drug running, cartels and the seedier aspects of Colombian life. But take a look at this beauty from Bogota and it’s all good news.

Yeimy is a delectable South American honey with a body to die for and the picture of her in the white cut-off shorts and those long legs almost achieved that!

She is looking for a faithful, loving man as there doesn’t seem to be too many of them around in that city.

She works as a bank employee and if you have a romantic streak, why not open a bank account with her company and visit her to access your funds?

Take some flowers. She loves nature and that would be a good start.

Tall, black hair and hazel coloured eyes are features that will mesmerize you and capture your heart.

Yeimy has noted 22 separate interests and if you haven’t got one in common with her then you are probably living in a cave.

There are a number of different ways that you can get in touch. Email, send a gift and online chat.

Some things are free, some things you have to pay for but the main thing is that if this lady is of interest to you, then getting in touch is the name of the game.

Colombian girls are very popular because they are loving, loyal and good home makers and if that’s what turns you on, then it’s another reason to give her a call.

A good suggestion is to buy a few credits to see her private photos and to view her video.

Colombian woman who loves dogs

There’s something special about hearing the voice of the person you are courting, or at least contacting.

She’s passionate and naughty as well, two very redeeming features in one so beautiful. Oh, and don’t be put off with her beauty.

These girls look more for inner beauty, the type of person you are, your sense of humour, your caring, sharing nature.

Don’t be shy. She is waiting for you, or some other guy with a bit more courage to connect with her!

Archetypes: Nature Girls

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