A Cuban Flower

Name: Iris Dayansi
ID#: 123196724
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 19

City: Havana, Cuba


Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

Iris has long black hair, dark skin, a really, really hot body, and a beautiful smile. She is Cuban and only 19 years old and looking for Mister Right.

Even if I weren’t the right guy, I would be making some serious changes to my body and mind to make sure I appealed to this young lady! She’s a church goer. I’m not, but I’ll change, okay?

That’s the sort of reaction I’d expect from any red-blooded male as soon as he lays eyes on this beauty who lives in Havana.

Iris is still a student studying for her entry into adult life in Cuba. Then again, if you marry her and take her away, then she will be a great asset even in your own country.

I am trying to imagine the looks on the faces of my friends if I walked into a BBQ on a Sunday at one of their houses with young, beautiful Iris on my arm. It would be absolute bedlam. Who cares if she can’t speak fluent English.

She is looking for a romantic, generous, respectful, loyal man with a sense of humour. She wants not only a husband and a partner but a good and loyal friend.

Iris loves to bake, as in cakes, doesn’t mind a bit of gardening, and when she goes out, you’ll find her on the dance floor in a flash moving and grooving that delectable body around the room.

A sight for sore eyes, no doubt. She likes to go biking for a bit of exercise and a day at the beach and watching a movie all help her to relax.

Maybe she’s a bit old-fashioned in her music tastes with her favourite singer being Julio Iglesias and a movie she likes, be warned, is ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’! On the upside, New York sits high on her list of places to visit.

From this point on, it’s really up to you to make some contact with her. Don’t worry too much about your age, these women like older men because they are more stable, reliable and loyal. You could shoot me if I were being unfaithful to someone as gorgeous as Iris!

Archetypes: Cute & Sweet

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