Bachelors Abroad on Nat Geo Channel

Bachelors Abroad on the National Geographic Channel

Bachelors Abroad is a new reality television show on the National Geographic Channel that looks at the phenomena of mail order brides and international dating.  The show follows a group of American men as the pursue foreign women around the world.

The show is being done in conjunction with A Foreign Affair and it follows a group of Foreign Affair tour members as they travel.  So, if you are interested in romance tours this is a great opportunity for you to really get an honest look at what really goes on behind the scenes when a group of middle aged American men meet beautiful young women from Eastern Europe.

John Adams, the owner of A Foreign Affair, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona, says that show gives audience the perspective of a fly on the wall, …simply observing and recording everything as it took place. The first episode follows a group of American men on a ten day tour of the Ukraine, but later episodes will travel to Latin America and Asia.

A Foreign Affair is the biggest romance tour operator in the world and they offer over forty tours a year to Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Here’s a link to the A Foreign Affair Romance Tour page. Also, it is worth remembering that even if you are already signed up with a different company like Anastasia or Elena’s Models you can still use AFA’s tour service.

AFA will help you set up meetings with women you might have already met through those services and you will be able to meet hundreds of other beautiful women on the tours.  It can be a win – win! Generally, speaking these A Foreign Affairs tours receive very high marks in terms of customer satisfaction and I expect the show will really be interesting.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing what happens. Bachelors Abroad premieres on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 11:00 pm EST (9:00 pm MST) airs on the National Geographic Channel. Here is a link to our Romance Tours page  if you want to get an overall idea of what they are about.

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