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Beautiful Cuban Girl

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 21
City: Havana, Cuba
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 115241424

Elizabeth likes to watch a good drama, but I think she should be in a drama. When I look at her photo, she reminds me of a Hollywood starlet from days gone by. Her eyes plead into you while she gives off a look of pure innocence. 

I wonder what her movie's story would be. Perhaps it would be about a beautiful Cuban girl who falls in love with a dashing foreign gentleman.

Too bad she didn't list actress as her career.

Elizabeth is a student from Havana, who speaks English, Russian and Spanish. She prefers to date an older man who is between 40 and 60 who is serious, generous and loving.

The self proclaimed sweet and loving Cuba girl reveals that she wanted to be a teacher when she was growing up and sees herself with a family within the next ten years.

She definitely strikes me as someone who would be a very nurturing (and beautiful) mother.

Elizabeth describes herself as simple and if it weren't for her dramatic eyes, I might have to agree.  Some of her favorite activities include studying, cleaning and washing and doing the Tango.

Tango Lesson: Posture

You can chat with Elizabeth, or just read more of her interview over at Amolatina, but before you do you may want to brush up on your Tango.

Everyone knows that Latin women love to dance, and there is no quicker way to a woman's heart than a sultry night of Tango dancing at a dimly lit Havana nightclub.


Tango Lesson 1

Tango Lesson 2


    Profile Updated: 02/08/2017