Young Uzbeki Dancer

Name: Inna

Age:  23

City: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Agency: A Pretty Woman (Review)

ID#: 338


Note: To view Inna’s Profile at A Pretty Woman – you will need to copy her User ID (338) and paste it into the search box in the middle of A Pretty Women’s Website.

Inna’s a 23 year-old Uzbekistani dancer.  At 5’8″ and 127 pounds, I’d say she probably has a great dancer’s body. And her interests in swimming and dancing couldn’t do anything but help her keep in shape.

It’s kind of hard to tell about her body since her photo shows her reclining on red satin sheets; not sure if that’s a pre or post-dance shot. Not that I care, it’s a great shot, whatever the timing.

She’s also a university graduate with a lot of the cultural interests that these Uzbeki girls are known for, theatre, music, and art. It’s always amazing to me that I never run into the “typical blond” empty gaze with girls from this part of the world. It’s almost a given that they will have education, culture, and an athletic lifestyle.

I like it!

Inna hasn’t stated any age preference. She just wants a man who’s honest, understanding, and kind. Is that you? If so, check out her profile at A Pretty Woman.

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