Peruvian Animal Lover

Name: Betzabe Yia
Age: 23

City: Lima, Peru

ID#: 120129724
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

Not every woman you search and find on the internet will be one with religious qualities. If you’re a religious man, not materialistic, and enjoy the simple things in life then Betzabe Yia wants to talk to you!

She has a strong passion for taking care of and loving her family, and hopes that you will too. If you have a special bond with your friends and loved one’s then you both will have a lot in coming!

She is a humorous, friendly, and outgoing woman with a very optimistic outlook on life. She enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people, and adventuring.

She loves the outdoors and nature, so if you’re an animal lover then you could be the perfect match. Betzabe doesn’t like to smoke or drink, but she does find happiness in the more natural, fun experiences of life.

Betzabe speaks English and hopes to broaden her horizons and understanding of the English language and American culture.

Betzabe is educated, a professional nurse, and loves to help others. She continues to further her education and experience in her job field and wants to meet a man with similar interests and dedication to making a difference in the world.

If you believe in being a part of something bigger than yourself then this girl could really change your life around.

Betzabe is trustworthy, loyal, honest, and wants to meet a man that is sincere and has masculine qualities. She is 23 years old and knows what she wants out of life and is looking to settle down.

Betzabe considers herself mature, experienced and wants a man that knows what he wants out of a woman too. Respect, compassion, loyalty, and confidence are all things she looks for in a man, so if this is you, drop her a message.

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