Pamela from Peru

Name: Pamela Vanesa
ID#: 120765024
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)
Age: 21

City: Lima, Peru


Archetypes: Sexy Artists, Nature Girls,

Sometimes, when you might be idly clicking on pictures and profiles on dating sites while surfing the net, you come across a real stunner. That word sums up Pamela Vanesa from the city of Lima in Peru.

If you didn’t stop to take a second, third and fourth look at this beautiful young lady, you are probably dead below your naval!

She is petite and strikingly sexy-beautiful, and the good news is she is looking for a guy just like you! If you met Pamela in a bar in your own country, you’d have to make a move on her, wouldn’t you?

While her English isn’t as hot as she is, her interests and what she is looking for in a man are very clearly stated. If you are kind and understanding and have the interests of your partner, that’s her by the way, at the head of the queue, then she’s going to love you.

Pamela describes herself as cute, tender, loving and intelligent, all of which spell ‘danger’ to the average guy, but if living dangerously is your thing, then this is the woman for you.

She has a sense of humour, is usually happy and loyal, and she is determined to find the man of her dreams. After seeing her photos here, she will probably be in your dreams as well.

This sweetie has a creative streak in her and likes to make things as well as relaxing by reading a book. She loves the outdoors and enjoys some physical activity indoors or outdoors.

This could mean soccer or tennis or whatever your imagination can come up with. She dreams of becoming a model and apart from her height, a little short, she has all the other attributes necessary. Drop dead good looks being number one.

Don’t be shy because she is so beautiful. Women like this are happy with the simple things in life so making contact with her is the first step.

At least you can find out her level of English and whether you are going to need some translation help. She loves pizzas, soup, red roses and would like to see the USA.

Communication will help you find some common ground and interests that can set the relationship on fire. It’s hard to imagine someone so lovely beside you day and night forever, but try, okay?

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