Family Oriented Cuban Bride

Name: Xanadu

Age:  25

City: Havana, Cuba

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 123191024

Xanadu is 25 years old, a professional secretary, and lives in Havana, Cuba. She has finished university studies and takes great pride and joy in her professional career.

Havana is a gigantic, bustling city filled with successful businesses popping up left and right, a lot of tourism, and is the perfect place for a foreigner to go who is looking for a foreign bride.

Although Xanadu does not have children this is not to say that she does not want them in the future. Xanadu enjoys walking, going to the beach, and dancing. If you enjoy dancing to or are willing to learn then you could be a match.

Although Xanadu has never been married she has a passion for working hard and one day meeting the man of her dream. Although Xanadu is Cuban she does speak and understand English fluently and has a passion for meeting a man that also speaks English.

Xanadu is a Cancer, born in late June and by nature having a genuine love for home and family. Cancers are believed to be naturally harmonious, dedicated, but not unreasonable.

If you’re looking for a strong-willed, genuine, and loving woman in your life then Xanadu may have a lot in common with you.

Don’t be shy, and if you’d like, consider studying a few basic Spanish words so that you can communicate with her and show off your desire to learn her native culture and language. Xanadu is honest and loving towards her family and likely will towards you too, just be respect, genuine, and be yourself.

Cuban women have a very strong passion and love for their families. This is a great characteristic for any man that desires a woman who has a strong connection and love for her family. Cuban culture is unique in that it believes in family first, and always have each other’s back.

Xanadu lives a healthy lifestyle and never smokes or drinks. So if you’re someone that doesn’t like to drink and smoke, but instead focuses on family, life, success and love then Xanadu might be the perfect match for you!