10+ Hottest Russian Models

Hottest Russian Models

So, this is an International Dating website, it is designed for one purpose – to help you guys find a nice foreign girl to date and perhaps even marry.  While you may not be able to date any of the girls in this list, it will give you a pretty good idea of just how hot Russian girls get.

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Viktoria Odintcova

Model, Instagram Star, Social Media Personality

Viktoria Odintcova sizzling hot in the pool
Viktoria Odintcova hot selfie in the bathroom
Viktoria Odintcova displaying hot booty

Viktoria “Viki” Odintcova is a hot Russian model known for her daredevil photography stunts.  She exploded on to social media by dangling from the side of a Dubai skyscraper with no harness or safety equipment. Millions views hit her Instagram account like a flood tide. 

The notion of a sexy daredevil was just more than the Internet citizens could resist. She instantly became a social media superstar.  

Since she was a teenager, it was clear that Viki Odintcova’s  future was in the fashion industry.  She always had a beauty that drew attention. In fact, one of her brothers who took her to a modelling agency in Saint Petersburg when she was still a teenager.  

Odintcova began to gain prominence after she became active on social media long before she started her Wonder Woman stunts a hundred floors above the Persian Gulf.  Mostly, she focused on Instagram, but she has also accumulated a significant following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

In June 2015, she was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine. But that cover did not do half as much for her career as her stunts in Dubai. 

Widely regarded as one of the leading Russian models of today, Odintcova believes that she she has to constantly push the envelope to keep herself relevant in the fashion industry. 

She was a client of the MAVRIN Models roster. She was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

Anastasia Kvitko

Russian Kim Kardashian, Glamour Model, Entrepreneur

Anastasia Kvitko showing her sexy body on the beach
Anastasia Kvitko Russian Kim Kardashian

The Russian Kim Kardashian?  Anastasia Kvitko has the same sort of crazy curves as the more famous American Kim.  Due to the comparisons to the mega reality star she quickly rolled up 6.7 million Instagram followers.  

This has opened an array of opportunities for the Anastasia.  She has a swimwear line called AC-305 and a whole collection of beachwear and evening gowns to show women’s sexy and seductive sides.  

Though she grew up in Moscow, Kvitko recently moved to Miami, Florida, which soon might have more Russians than Moscow.   She has been called the Russian version of Kim Kardashian.

She might get her looks from her mother was school teacher, but her father, a successful businessman, seems like a huge influence too.  Kvitko is a one woman influence army just like – Kim Kardashian.

Daria Strokous

Fashion Model, Film Actress, Photographer

Daria Strokous was born in Moscow in 1990 on September 25.  She is a hot Russian model, but she has a different biography from most women who end up in the world of fashion and entertainment. 

Shortly after she was born her family moved to Africa for five years.  So, her earliest experiences were not of Moscow, but of Benin where her father managed some business interests. 

Storkous has dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  She is nearly 6 feet tall and is known for her smile, eyes and long legs.

She was an immediate success as a model. She made her international modeling debut at the Paris and Milan fashion weeks of 2007 when she was only seventeen years old.  

At eighteen she was named one of V Magazine’s Top 10 Models of 2008.  She went on to participate in advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton, and many other of the world’s top luxury brands including Prada, Chanel, and Dior. She has appeared on the cover of the Italian, Russian, and Japanese editions of Vogue.

Daria also enjoys photography and she likes to draw, sew, read and knit.  She had a small role in the Stephen Soderbergh’s Contagion, but she has never made a push to be a full time actress. 

She seems to be basically a traditional Russian girl – albeit a tall, gorgeous Russian girl.

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Anastasia Reshetova


Anastasia Reshetova looks outstanding in a white two piece
Anastasia Reshetova hot on the yacht

Young Russian model Anastasia Reshetova, known as Nastia, was born and raised in Moscow by her father.  He was a retired colonel, and he raised her and her younger sister under military discipline.  He probably also scared off most of the neighborhood boys attracted to this young model.

Reshetova was still in high school when she appeared in her first professional photo shoot. However she was not that attracted to the fashion industry and continued her education at the Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics, and Law where she focused on public service and municipal management. 

She certainly would be the hottest woman working at my local DMV!

It is nice to see a hot Russian girl who is not simply blown away by the fashion and entertainment business.  Reshetova has continued to occasionally model but she is focused on becoming a television presenter. 

Daria Klyukina


Daria Klyukina green swimwear and hat
Daria Klyukina stunning in red dress
Daria Klyukina swimwear

Daria Klyukina is one of the most beautiful Russian models working today.  Klyukina is popularly known as Dasha across Russia.    Born January 9, 1994 in Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk region she grew up in fresh air of the Ural Mountains.

Klyukina’s modeling career started young, but she really exploded on the entertainment industry when she appeared on the fifth and sixth seasons of the Russian version of The Bachelor.  She went from just another beautiful young Russian girl to an entertainment sensation.

Of course, her beauty was a major draw, but he intelligence, compaission, and sweet disposition were important too. She became sort of Russia’s favorite girl next door or at least the sexy girl that every guy wishes lived next door. 

Dasha says that her ideal man – is kind, compassionate, attentive and cheerful.  She says she doesn’t care about looks or money, because private jets and luxury yachts do not make couples happy.  She considers a man’s personality and intelligence the critical factors. 

So, maybe she is going to marry a poor professor with a charming personality?  Who knows, but it usually doesn’t workout that way.  Normally, hot Russian models marry rich guys or at least celebrities.  

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Klyukina stays busy whether she is working or playing.  She has a slew of hobbies.  She loves sports and music. She eats seafood and Ukrainian borsch, and she knows her way around a kitchen just like your grandma.  

Well, maybe she doesn’t cook quite that well, but I bet she looks better in a bikini than your grandma!

Sveta Bilyalova (Svetlana Bilyalova)

Fitness Model, Internet Celebrity

Svetlana Bilyalova is another hot Russian fitness model.  She is  not an actress or singer.  She is not really a fashion model.  She is just a sexy fitness girl, but she is very good at being sexy!

Really, who is complaining?  Keeping abs like hers requires a lot of dedication.  You know from your own abs or lack thereof. 

Svetlana Bilyalova is a Russian super girl!  She was born January 13, 1992 in Moscow and goes by the name Sveta Bilyalova.  She has written her fans that, “You may call me Svet, Lana, or Svetlana.” 

So, this female fitness fanatic has a sense of humor.  Whether she has ever had a desert is another matter, but she is famous for her tight body and not her muffins.

Lana moved to Los Angeles to further her career.  But more than likely you would not have a snowball’s chance on Santa Monica Boulevard of dating this Slavic superwoman.

If you want to date fitness model check out these athletic girls who actually want to meet men like you! 

Dasha Kapustina


Dasha Kapustina Russian model
Dasha Kapustina at the catwalk

Dasha Kapustina is a Russian model who was born in Vladivostok on December 13, 1989. She studied Human Resources at the Far Eastern Federal University, but her beauty was so effervescent that she was still able to get noticed by the top modeling agencies.

For well over a decade she has been one of the top Russian models.  She is very private person.  Her personal life is something of a blank slate, but we know she is 1.72 m tall and weighs 52 kilos – the classic build for a runway fashion model.

She has worked for the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, and represented many of the biggest names in fashion including Dior, YSL, Gucci, and Chanel.  She has also done some television advertisements in Asia, but beyond that she is a mystery.  A beautiful mystery.  

Sasha Luss


Sasha Luss in white bikini
Sasha Luss Zimmerman resort 2018
Sasha Luss desert photo

Alexandra “Sasha” Alexeyevna Luss is a Russian fashion model and actress.

Alexandra “Sasha” Luss was born in the small, cold city of Magadan, a few hundred miles north of Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean.  If this young Russian model had stayed out there Sasha might have had a great career in the fishing fleet or the gold mines.  

As interesting as that might have been when Sasha was still young her family moved to Moscow.  As a child she Luss was not interested in high fashion or acting.

Her passions were writing and ballet.  However, though she was a naturally slim girl, it soon became apparent that she was also going to be too tall to be a ballerina.  Finally, an ankle injury led her to giving up her dancing dreams.  

Shortly afterward when she was only thirteen years old her mother took her to a modeling agency, because so many people, both family and friends and even strangers, commented about Sasha’s potential as a model. 

At only fourteen years, Sasha signed with IQ Models in Moscow and quickly shot to fame landing multiple layouts in Vogue Russia and L’Officiel Russia in 2008. Since then she has regularly appeared on the covers of the leading international fashion magazines such as Vogue and Numéro, and represented some of the leading brands in the world including Dior, Chanel, and Valentino.

Top photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Meisel, and Peter Lindbergh regularly work with her and she has been repeatedly recognized as one of the world’s most bankable models.  Like most models she slowly began to experiment with acting appearing in films such as Valerian, The City of a Thousand Planets and Anna

Sasha now lives in New York, but you will probably never meet her. But if you want to meet a model, check out these models who actually want to meet you!

Olya Abramovich


Olya Abramovich perfect abs
Olya Abramovich flaunting her flat abs at the beach
Olya Abramovich pictorial

Olya Abramovich Russian bikini model known for her risqué photos and you can see why her Instagram page exploded when she started posting photos dressed in itsy-bitsy bikinis a few years ago. Her photos are “must see” content for millions of viewers.

Nicknamed Olya by her fans. This bikini babe was born and raised in the small city of Perm, Russia. Amazingly, she still lives there, but she obviously spends a lot of time traveling to places where the sun is hot, the water is warm, and clothing is optional.

Often she posts topless photos and regularly gets reported to the various social media watchdogs for violations of various platforms’ terms of service. They warn her, but they have never banned her.
So, she represents an array of products. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Alena Shishkova


Alena Shishkova in bikini lingerie
Alena Shishkova at the beach
Alena Shishkova innocent looking blonde

Born in Tyumen, Alena has been creative ever since she was a child. She learned to play the guitar and also got vocal training at a music academy.

At the age of 13, the blonde-haired girl began her fashion career. Her first photo shoot was for a magazine called Fashion Collection. After that, she took part in many beauty contests and won quite a few titles.

In 2012, she took second place in the Miss Russia pageant. As a result, Svetlana Kuvshinova, the director of the Renaissance modeling agency in Moscow, saw her and signed her on. Alena walked the ramp for designer Olesya Malinskaya at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2013. Since then, she has taken part in fashion shows worldwide.

Alena studied Management at the Institute of Law, Economics and Management of Tyumen State University. In the summer of 2017, she opened a beauty salon, White Star Beauty. Additionally, she launched a lipstick line in the winter of that same year. She has a daughter with the Russian rapper Timati.

Galina Dubenenko

Model, Traveler, Blogger

Galina Dubenenko booty
Galina Dubenenko sexy at the beach
Galina Dubenenko and her nice tight abs

This brown-haired, brown-eyed model is a hit on Instagram and YouTube. She first began posting her bikini-clad photos on Instagram in August 2014. Given her hourglass figure of 31-24-33, she became an instant success. As a result, she got a contract with Mavrin Models Management, a move that boosted her modeling career.

After featuring on the Mavrin Studios Live YouTube channel, Galina began a self-titled channel of her own. It has since gotten over 10K followers. Furthermore, in August 2017, the tall and sexy model was the MensXP Hottie of The Week.

While it is common knowledge that Galina was born in St. Petersburg as Galyusha Dubenenko, she prefers to keep her personal life private. Her fans, however, do know that she likes to travel in style.

Elizaveta Golovanova


Elizaveta Golovanova in her floral swimsuit
Elizaveta Golovanova Miss Russia 2012

Known as Rapunzel for her almost knee-length, thick, brown hair, this green-eyed beauty won the Miss Russia title in 2012. She then went on to represent Russia in the Miss World pageant. The tall Russian also took part in the Miss Universe 2012 and made it into the Top 10 ranking. That success set her on the path to a modeling career in the fashion industry.

Elizaveta was born in Safonovo in the Smolensk region. Both of her parents are doctors. An honors student in high school, she studied at the University of Railway Transport, Faculty of Law, and Moscow State University.

The talented model has formal music training and loves to play the piano. She also writes poetry and enjoys art and literature. Moreover, she is a good cook and believes in keeping fit. Still, while she is a diamond expert too, her ultimate goal is to become a television presenter.

Anna Selezneva


Anna Selezneva pictorial at the pool
Anna Selezneva hot Russian model
Anna Selezneva smoking hot

This tall, stunning model was born in Moscow to a Russian father and an Armenian mother. As a child, she studied classical ballet.

In 2007, talent scouts spotted her in a McDonald’s restaurant. That year, a Best Model Group agent invited her to the Paris Fashion Week, where she opened the Balmain show.

Since then, the blonde beauty has walked in many fashion shows for top designers. She has graced the covers of international magazines like Tatler. Furthermore, she has been in clothing and perfume advertisements.

Anna lives in Paris for work and in Moscow to be with her husband. She loves fashion so much that she wants to continue working in the fashion industry after she stops modeling.

Nastya Kusakina


Nastya Kusakina pictorial
Nastya Kusakina holding an apple
Nastya Kusakina fashion photography

Standing five feet and 11 inches tall, with green eyes and blonde hair, Nastya Kusakina is a real beauty.

The Russian model began her fashion career at the age of 16. After signing up with the Moscow-based modeling agency Avant, she appeared in Female Singapore in 2011. As a result, she became quite well known. The gorgeous blonde then began getting a lot of modeling offers from around the world.

Nastya has shot campaigns for most of the top designers like Ralph Lauren and brands like Louis Vuitton. Furthermore, she has walked in Asian fashion shows for Chanel. One of her most lucrative advertising contracts was with the French cosmetics company Sephora.

She was born and raised in Penza.  Now, having signed with the Women Management agency, she lives in New York and Paris.

Vika Falileeva


Vika Falileeva at the runway
Vika Falileeva blonde Russian model
Vika Falileeva formal wear

Growing up on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Vika was a tall, skinny child. Her classmates called her Giraffe, and her mother had trouble finding the right clothes for her. People often told her she ought to be a model, but she was more interested in gymnastics.

Later, out of curiosity, she went to see a modeling competition in her home city of Irkutsk. While there, the judges saw her and were so struck by her beauty that they signed her up on the spot. So, even though she was not a participant, she got a modeling contract. At the age of 16, the blonde, green-eyed Russian began her modeling career.

Since 2010, through her contract with the Ford Models agency, Vika has walked in many fashion shows for top designers like Vera Wang and brands like Chloe. She is the face of Michael Kors and many other American brands. Her photographs have also appeared in Vogue and various other international magazines.

Sofia Lomyuga


Sofia Lomyuga pictorial
Sofia Lomyuga wearing black leather jacket

This lovely Russian was born in Ivanovo. She is five feet and eight inches tall and has blue eyes and brown hair. Thanks to her great looks, she has worked for many top fashion industry names.

Sofia was the face of the Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina’s campaign for the autumn-winter line of 2010/2011 and a part of Olay’s worldwide blitz. Furthermore, Sofia has worked with Philipp Plein and many other famous designers.

She has done photo shoots for Vogue, Tatler, and Elle. What’s more, she was in the local editions of Style Malaysia and Female Singapore in May 2011.

Currently, Sofia Lomyuga has a contract with the Avant Models Agency and Casta Models Management.

Kristina Romanova


Kristina Romanova bridal collection photoshoot
Kristina Romanova long legs
Kristina Romanova pictorial beside a tree

Stunningly beautiful, Kristina Romanova was born in Volgograd. She got into modeling after her friends urged her to give it a try.

All it took was for her to walk into a modeling agency in her home city. Immediately impressed, they sent her portfolio to the New York-based Women Management. The latter agency invited her to sign up with them, so she moved to New York in 2010.

She made her debut that same year at the BCBG Max Azria spring show. Since then, she has walked in fashion shows for some of the top designers. The tall, blue-eyed, brown-haired beauty has also done photo shoots for many magazines across the world.

In 2017, she took a break from the fashion industry. She gave birth to her child with the Russian businessman, Vladislav Doronin, and became engaged to him.

Kristina is keen on following a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, she is active on social media and regularly posts photos of her perfectly fit, bikini-clad body.

Vicky Justiz

Model, Actress

Vicky Justiz taking a selfie
Vicky Justiz nice curved body
Vicky Justiz stunning in red bikini

This beautiful Russian-Cuban model was born in Russia but spent most of her childhood years in Miami. At the age of six, she began acting in American films and TV shows. Later, she learned to dance and write songs as well.

As she wanted to be an event designer, she studied Hospitality Management and Graphic Design. She also began working on a contract basis in the event industry.

At the same time, she developed a keen interest in fitness and eating healthy, and began working out to achieve a perfectly sculpted body. The YouTube videos she made of her fitness regimen were so popular that she dived full-time into the fitness field.

Now she travels all over the world with her husband and maintains a travel blog.

Galinka Mirgaeva


Galinka Mirgaeva popular fitness Instagrammer
Galinka Mirgaeva hot abs
Galinka Mirgaeva in hot black one piece bikini

This Russian model, who was born in Perm, loves to travel and is passionate about fitness. Other than this, she doesn’t share much about her personal life. She rose to fame after she began posting her sexy bikini-clad photos on Instagram in 2012.

With a height of five feet and 10 inches and body measurements of 34-24-35, Galinka has the perfect figure for bikinis. Consequently, the stunning model has won fans worldwide. She has more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

A fitness expert, Galinka eats healthy food and spends most of her time exercising. She posts photos of her daily fitness training as well as those of the places she has visited. What’s more, the gorgeous brunette is a brand ambassador for Skinny Bunny Tea products.

Anya Monzikova

Model, Actress

Anya Monzikova - Sexy Black Bikini
Anya Monzikova - At The Beach

Anya Monzikova moved to the United States with family as a child, and as soon as she was able, began a career in acting and modeling. She was born in Vologda, Russia but an international marriage by her parents brought her to the sunny state of Florida in the mid 1990’s.

She is currently on the show Melissa and Joey. Anya has done a lot with her career in a short time, and she plans to do more. She is currently studying martial arts so that she can do her own stunts.

Anne Vyalitsyna


Anne Vyalitsyna - Hot Russian Girl
Anne Vyalitsyna - At The Beach

Anne Vyalitsyna did not search for stardom, it found her. She was scouted at the age of 15 by IMG Model Scouts and has not slowed down since.  She gained national attention when she won MTV’s Fashionably Loud Europe contest. The prize included a modeling contract with IMG Paris. Anne was not prepared to be a model, but she believes her dancing background helped her excel across the runway.

Even without previous training, she has walked in the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, one of the best known fashion shows in the world. She has also been featured in a few music videos, and ran in the New York City Marathon. Most of her fans know her for one thing: Sports Illustrated. She appeared in the swimsuit issue for 7 years in a row.

Natasha Poly


Natasha Poly - Sexy Model
Natasha Poly - Hot Women
Natasha Poly - Sexy Russian Model

Natasha started her modeling career in Russia, but quickly became and internationally known beauty. Modeling since 2000, Natasha had her runway debut in 2004 for Emanuel Ungaro. Following that, she walked in 54 runway shows and graced the cover of French Vogue.

In the years since, Natasha has been the advertising face for numerous companies including NineWest, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and many more. We aren’t the only ones who find her beautiful though. She is considered a model icon by models.com and Vogue Paris includes her in the top 30 models of the 2000s.

Sasha Pivovarova

Supermodel, Actress

Studying art was Sasha Pivovarova ticket into Russian modeling. The university student can credit her big break to a photographer friend who gave his photos of her to IMG modeling agency. The next thing she knew, the student was now walking the runway for Prada. Sasha has been a known face in the modeling world for many years now.

She has appeared on the cover of American Vogue, been the face of Georgio Armani, and tied with other Russian beauty Natasha Poly for 2nd in the Models.com top 50 Models of the World list. Even though Sasha is a successful model, she has not given up on her love of art. She plans to publish a book of her own artwork.

Daria Komarkova


Daria Komarkova - Hot Russian Model
Daria Komarkova - Russian Women
Daria Komarkova - Russian Model

Although she had an early setback in her quest to be a model, it thankfully did not deter her. Her beautiful face and body is easy to see strutting down the catwalk or advertising something. Daria is motivation for the phrase: ‘if at first you don’t succeed, wait for the callback.’ We’re so glad they called her back.

Irina Antonenko

Actress, Model, Beauty Queen

 Irina Antonenko - Miss Russia 2010
Irina Antonenko - In White
Irina Antonenko - Model

Irina Antonenko isn’t a high fashion Russian model, but she is a beauty queen. Described as modest and polite, Irina began entering pageants in high school. She was not successful at first, but in 2010 she was crowned Miss Russia. She also began modeling for Russian fashion designers.

Irina is known not just for her beauty. Irina participates in lots of charity work and also plans to continue her education in Finance following her year as Miss Russia. This young Russian beauty is focused on her goals, and is not likely to drop off of anyone’s radar.

Irina Shayk


Irina Sheik - Black Lingerie
Irina Sheik - In A Sexy Bikini
Irina Sheik - In Black

A lot of people mistakenly think that Irina is South American, but this 5’10 bronzed beauty is 100% the product of Russia. Trained as a musician, Irina began modeling professionally after winning a beauty contest at 18. Irina’s modeling career began in Paris at the age of 19. She began primarily as a swimsuit model, but eventually ventured into high fashion.

In 2011, she became the first Russian to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Irina is known worldwide for her beauty. She was awarded “Best International Model of 2010″ by Glamour Spain and the Top 10 Sexiest Model on Models.com. Irina is currently the host of Russia’s Top Model television show.

Gamze Karaman


Gamze Karaman - Model
Gamze Karaman - Sexy Russian
Gamze Karaman - Topless

Pouty lips, voluptuous body, tantalizing eyes, who would not be mesmerized by this lady? The sexy Gamze Karamanis an alluring Russian model and actress. Educated and fully fluent in English, Gamze also loves to travel. Gamze’s other interests include swimming, and acting.

I would guess swimming helped develop that beautiful body. She also is active in her community helping the less fortunate. For as little that is said about Gamze, there is a lot to say about her body of work. The world is truly thankful.

Zhanna Friske

Model, Actress, Singer

Zhanna Friske - Russian Model
Zhanna Friske - At The Beach
Zhanna Friske - Russian Women

Singer Zhanna Friskemay not technically be known for being a model, but she is definitely considered to be one of the most beautiful and sexy women of Russia. She started out in 1996 in the all-girl group, Blestyashchie.

In 2003 she launched her solo career. Besides singing, Zhanna has also gained international fame as an actress. She has appeared in Night Watch (2004) and Day Watch (2006) as well as more projects following that. As a model, Zhanna has participated in advertising campaigns for Orient Watch.

Katja Shchekina


Katja Shchekina - Russian Girl
Katja Shchekina - Hot Russian Girl

Katja Shchekina is another beautiful Russian fashion model. Although she was always mistakenly to be Brazillian model because of her looks, she is actually Russian and Somalian. Born in Russia and traveling the world as model, Katja is an exotic addition to our list. Katja can primarily be seen gracing the catwalks of notable brands.

She has modeled for Neiman Marcus, Dolce&Gabanna, Adidas, Juicy Couture, and Bergdorf Goodman. She was even part of a Victoria’s Secret runway show.There is no doubt that we will continue to see this girl’s beautiful body.

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