Ukrainian Yoga Girl

Name: Julia
ID#: 181289
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 28

City: Kiev, Ukraine

Kids: No

Occupation: Yoga Coach
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (native), Ukrainian (native)

Julia is really unique in that she’s honest, genuine, passionate, and right up-front with what she wants out of a man, relationship, and future.

Although she has one son, she indicates on her profile that he is successful, independent, and not present in the home. Julia, understandably—like many people—simply wants to fall in love, and have her king next to her each night before she goes to sleep.

While Julia requests that she be treated as a queen, she does specify that it be a mutually beneficial relationship and future built on love, passion, and trust.

Not only does Julia have a strong sex appeal, but she also is very fit and active, loves yoga, sports, and swimming! It’s obvious and also very attractive that Julia has class and as such has a profound interest in theatre, museums, traveling, and nature.

Not only does Julia give the strong impression of an independent woman and adventurer, but she also openly touts that she is big on self-development—which is arguably not as common with many western or foreigner women in comparison.

Julia seeks a man she can trust, whom she can grow with, and she openly admits that she is ready to re-learn a man from inside out, and dedicate herself to being the wife that such a deserving man would desire.

We love how active and sexy Julia is, and her fascination with ballet and dancing just adds to the attraction!

If any man is seeking a seriously beautiful, inside and out, religious Ukrainian woman that fluently speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and strives to understand and learn English, then Julia is a great choice!

She shows a genuine interest in getting serious with whomever she corresponds with, openly expresses she has enough friends already, and is seeking something much more—so we admire her forwardness!

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