Scorching Colombian Bombshell

Name: Wendy Natalia
ID#: 50927
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 30

City: Bogotá, Colombia

Yes: Boy – 9 y/o

Occupation: Manager
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

If you have been searching the girls here and you have clicked onto this stunning young lady, Wendy, then you will be forgiven if you think you have inadvertently come across Miss Colombia or Miss Universe.

There should be rules made by Mother Nature about just how gorgeous somebody is allowed to look. If that was so, then all rules are broken here.

We are going to run out of adjectives describing Wendy, who, at just 30 Years old, is available, free and looking for love. Insane, right?

A woman like this would probably be a movie star or at least a fashion model in a western country.

Her interests are many and you will surely find something in common to talk about once you make contact.

The problem with chatting to someone so beautiful is it’s hard to concentrate on words to say when you have her to look at.

But be brave. Be strong. You can do it.

Wendy is a tall, 5’4” blonde haired, green eyed, sports-loving, fit, gorgeous young lady. Imagine having Wendy on your arm as you walk through your local Walmart to do a bit of shopping.

But to get to know her better, you should make contact and you can do that by email or chat.

If her published photos captivated you, then by connecting with her you can ask her for access to the private photos and you can bet she will be wearing a bikini in a couple of those.

There is an online chat facility and to speak with her you need to buy a few credits. You’re shy about spending a few bucks?

The stakes are pretty high and for the cost of a few beers at the local bar you can form a relationship with this stunning young lady.

She doesn’t smoke and drinks only occasionally. Send her an email, send her a present, do NOT let this one get away.

Grab her before she is whisked away to some beauty contest and will be lost to the average guy forever!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides

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