Ukrainian Model

Name: Irina
ID#: 192656
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 26

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Model
Religion: Catholic
English Level: Basic
Languages: Ukrainian (native), Russian (excellent)

Archetypes: Models

Yes, Irina is a Ukrainian model.  At 26-years-old, with a bikini body that could get an old tom cat to happily follow her into the pool, she decided it was time to hang up the six inch heels.

Frankly, dude, I don’t get it.  This chick is hot! HOLY SMOKES!  She is a sexy Ukrainian model with six pack abs and a winning smile.

Are twenty-one year old models like forty year old quarterbacks? I don’t know, but let’s just be happy that you can get in touch with this stunner for $15.99 over at Anastasia.

I understand the concept that different types of women appeal to different men and I realize that sometimes we just don’t click with some people, but really, what more could you want as a starting point than Irina?

I know some guys dig blondes and other dig Asian girls and so on, but if you aren’t at least a little bit interested in meeting a Ukrainian model like this girl, maybe you are on the wrong sort of dating site.

I’m just saying…

The next time some idiot asks why anyone would be interested in mail order brides, email them Irina’s profile.

But it gets even better, she love sports.

This hot Ukraine girl is a big basketball fan and if she loves b-ball enough to mention it in her profile you can probably convert her to football or anything else. Yeah, even NASCAR.

Anyhow, her profile is over at A Foreign Affair. Maybe you can make her retirement years wonderful or visa versa!

Archetypes: Models

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