Sexy Ukrainian

Name: Maria
ID#: 194025
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 24

City: Kiev, Ukraine


Occupation: Model
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (excellent), Ukrainian (native)

Archetypes: Models

Holy Smokes!

Maria is a hottie. Actually, a hidden gem.

I’m sure you are looking at her photo and thinking there is nothing hidden there, but you have GOT to click on her profile and see the main profile photo that she is using on her profile over at It is incredible.

Now, I’m sure looking at the photo of her in that lingerie you are thinking, Yes, boy wonder she certainly is incredible, but that is not quite what I mean. She is a hottie, but her main profile pick is really doesn’t do her justice.

You, my loyal readers, probably believe that my life is simple and easy. I look at profiles of beautiful women all day and write a few cute lines and move on. Well, like everything else it is a lot more difficult than that.

I look at TONS of profiles. I probably write reviews of less than one half of one percent of all of the profiles I look at. There are a lot of reasons I will not review a profile of a beautiful girl.

Often they don’t say anything particularly interesting in their profile and sometimes I can see a girl is really beautiful, but she really doesn’t have a great photo and I know that a great photo is important to attracting clicks from readers.

And yes, I want you to click. And Maria’s main profile photo is so dull, you will barely believe it is the same girl. Take a look.

She is wearing a long dress and has her arms folded. Maybe, she wanted to look serious, but she comes off as a school marm.   But I could see she was classically beautiful, so I clicked on her additional photos and BOOM!

Maria is a Ukrainian sleeper chick! She’s hiding this supermodel body under school marm clothes.


And she seems like a sweet girl. She should be, she works at a chocolate factory! But there is more than that. She seems real. She writes, I’m kind, tender and I want to be your sweetest wife, your most passionate lover and best friend!

You know what I believe her.

She goes on and explains that,

I mean that I just want to find an honest and caring man with a deep inner world and kind heart. Of cause not everyone is ideal and there are no ideal people on the world all this is tritely but truth.

She seems very sweet.

Check out her profile at

Archetypes: Models

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