Sexy Thai Dentist

Name: Pimpapron
ID#: 166667
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 38

City: Bangkok, Thailand


Occupation: Dentist
Religion: None
English Level: Good
Languages: Thai (native)

When you ask people what are their greatest fears in life they usually answer, ‘Death,’ or ‘heights,’ or ‘dentist.’

This very classy looking woman is a dentist in Thailand and if ever there was something that was going to help you overcome your fears, then making a dental appointment with Pimpapron is the place to start.

A hot woman with marketable skills what is not to like about that?

There’s a photo of this very sexy looking young woman coming out of a pool in her bikini and if that doesn’t set your alarm bells off then you better check your pulse!

Pimpapron doesn’t think of herself as young and sexy, rather refined and sensual because she is 38 years old.

If you’re looking for a new partner after perhaps an emotional break-up with your ex and enough time has gone by for you to have recovered sufficiently, then you should be looking at a woman like this.

As your age is not a question often asked in Thailand, and you are nearing 60 or are already there, you are fit, healthy and looking for a new life, then contacting this beautiful, educated and professional woman is the way to go.

She says she is happy to relocate and wouldn’t you love to have Pimpapron by your side as you wander into Walmart for your weekly groceries?

Her English is good, as you would expect, so checking her out for areas of common interest will be rather easy.

She doesn’t mention any hobbies but says she loves soccer.

A trip to the beach would be the best bet and seeing her dressed in that bikini should make up your mind rather quickly.

All it takes is that first contact, and in this case, perhaps a root canal needing to be done!

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