Sexy Dreamer

Name: Yana
ID#: 43381
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)
Age: 31

City: Odessa, Ukraine

Yes: 1- son, 10 y/o

Occupation: Police
Religion: Christian
English Level: Basic

Archetypes: Hot Moms, Bikini Brides

31 years old, brown eyes, brown hair, beautiful long legs, slim build, likes dancing and keeping fit would be a description of a dream girl for 99.8% of the male population of the world.

The other 2% are on their death beds. Kidding of course, but that’s basically the personal details of Yana, not Jolie, but Yana from Kiev, in the Ukraine.

She is currently a student at university but she has a lot of plans for the future. And guess what? You’re included in those plans.

When a young, sexy, hot looking girl is on this dating site, it’s for one reason only. She’s looking for you!

She doesn’t smoke or drink and loves to go bowling. Imagine turning up with Yana on your arm to the local ten pin bowling night at downtown Little Rock Arkansas, or wherever it is you live.

There’d be a riot with guys wanting to be on the next alley.

She likes the more refined hobbies of literature and the arts as well, so if you’re a baseball fan or NFL or NBA fan, then you’re going to have to teach her the finer points of those games. That is going to be a darn lot of fun anyway.

She is playful, oh yeah, loving and a kind-hearted person. She’s not shy of hard work and believes you learn from your mistakes. At 31 years old, there probably haven’t been too many mistakes in her life.

Seriously though, she is looking for a marriage partner so that she can fulfill a lot of her dreams which might be a little harder to do in the Ukraine.

It’s up to you to make some connection here and win her heart.

If you can stop looking at that hot! hot! photo of her in a bikini, then put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard or turn on your cam, do whatever it takes to get her attention and talk to the girl.

She is waiting for you, or somebody else, if you’re too slow. There are a few ways on this site that you can connect with her. Do it!

Archetypes: Hot Moms, Bikini Brides

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