Great In Bed

Name: Lubov
ID#: 190379
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 30

City: Kharkov, Ukraine

Yes: 1 – Girl, 5 y/o

Occupation: Secretary
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Basic
Languages: Russian (native)

Archetypes: Motivated Brides, Hot Moms

Lubov is a 30-year-old Ukrainian stunner.  Damn!  Does she look great in bed or what? Wow!

Lubov is willing to consider any man, regardless of age, which is great, particularly if you actually voted for or against John F. Kennedy.  Actually, something tells me JFK would have liked Lydmilla.  He certainly liked hot blonds and I can’t begrudge the man that, but JFK did have a very broad definition of “Presidential Privilege.”

Lubov says she speaks “fair” English and I just have to ask you if you really care.  Good English, gooder English, or no English at all, this woman is hot!  Look at her abs!  This girl is a first class Russian hardbody!

She apparently got those abs and those beautiful legs by winning the genetic lottery and doing lots of yoga.  Yoga does a body good.

She has a pretty long list of qualifications for her future husband, but for a woman this hot that’s not really surprising.  She’s looking for a man, …who will have strong wish to be happy with a woman of his dream!

Something tells me that Lydmilla is the woman of a lot of men’s dreams with those legs. Man, this chick is just BUILT and she has a few other ideas about her man.  She wants someone with inner power, ability to love, care, attention and strong sexuality.

So, if you don’t bring a little charisma and some heat Lubov is probably not going to be too impressed.  And remember guys, a girl this HOT is going to have options.

Dudes from 21 to 91 are going to write her emails full of more big promises and crazy tales of power and bling than Rush Limbaugh on speed.  They will be entertaining and some of them might even be true, so if you are going to contact her you need to try to make yourself stand out without coming across as a jerk or a blowhard.   Sometimes I have a hard time with that, but that’s why I gave up tequila.

OK, she’s got a pretty good list, but there must be some guys out there up to the task.  At least there must be someone out there willing to give it the old college try.  This girl is hot!

Her profile is brought to you by those great humanitarians at A Foreign Affair. Check her out!

Archetypes: Motivated Brides, Hot Moms

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