Moldovan Maiden

Name: Irina
ID#: 193090
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 28

City: Kishenev, Moldova


Occupation: Journalist
Religion: Christian (Orthodox)
English Level: Good
Languages: Russian (native), Romanian (good), Italian (good), Spanish (fair)

Such a foxy young lady, a bit cheeky in her profile as well. For one so young – 28 – she certainly knows what she wants.

If you’re an easy going guy with a sense of humor and enjoy BBQ’s as well as getting dolled up and going somewhere special, then I suggest you contact this dauntingly beautiful young girl now.

Irina hails from Moldova, which, if you didn’t know, sits in between Romania and the Ukraine.

Like most of those eastern European countries it is not over endowed with the fabulously wealthy and you’re probably thinking: Why would an 18 year old stunner like this girl be interested in an older guy, average looking, not rich but just a bit lonely and wanting something a little different to the standard, western woman available at home?

There is so much hype and bull about this international online dating that unfortunately some of the stuff sticks. But you need to get your head around just where these girls are coming from.

They are NOT simply after a free ticket out of their country, nor a green card if we’re talking the USA, or not caring about what the guy looks like or does.

Without going into a long tale, take a look at this article which really covers these issues quite clearly, plainly, no nonsense!

The women see no future where they are and if by some stroke of luck and love they can find a husband then there is hope for a new, brighter life.

Yes, they are wearing make-up and probably used a professional photographer for the photos you can see but are you kidding me that you can’t see ‘crazy beautiful’ under the mascara and lipstick?

You never know where a relationship can go, and all it takes is that first step to make contact.

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