Super Hot Filipina

Name: Zuri Allen
ID#: 1386636
Agency: AsianDate (Review)
Age: 25

City: Mandaue, Philippines


Occupation: Music teacher
English Level: Excellent
Languages: Spanish
Filipina babe posing beside the tree

Zuri Allen is a 25-year old Filipina and she is hot, hot, hot!

Are you funny?  Well, if so you are in luck, because Zuri Allen is looking for a man with a sense of humor.  She writes that, I’m looking for an honest and kind man with a good sense of humor to support me in my love for jokes.

Heck, Zuri Allen might even be more fun than a Three Stooges film festival where you take a shot of whiskey every time Moe bonks Curley.  Trust me, the Stooges get funnier and funnier in a hurry.

Anyhow, Zuri Allen is a good Catholic girl and she speaks pretty good English.  She says she is a business owner, but I don’t know what business, maybe construction, because she sure is built. DAMN!

Anyhow, Zuri Allen’s profile is over at AsianDate.  Check her out!

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