Kazakh Muslim Woman Seeking Mate

Name: Dariga
ID#: 2147575991
Agency: Elenas Models (Review)
Age: 24

City: Almaty, Kazakhstan


Occupation: Leading specialist in a bank
Religion: Muslim
English Level: Good
Languages: Russian: Fluent

Dariga is a very passionate, straight-forward to the point kind of woman that is looking for a man to meet and make memories with.

She values bonding and coming from Russian influence, Asian, and European culture is both very experienced as well as open-minded.

Dariga is 24 years old and attended University to specialize in Finance, now a leading specialist for a bank in her hometown of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Dariga is very active, enjoys meeting new people, exploring, but also honoring her responsibilities and aspirations in life. She is looking for a man that is sincere, honest, and straightforward.

Dariga knows how and wants to take good care of her future lover, and is always looking ahead.

If you enjoy nature and traveling you could be an exciting match for one another. At 5″4 Dariga is very attractive, has long brown hair, crystal brown eyes, and is definitely a head-turner.

She speaks English impressively well, and Russian is her native tongue. She likes to drink occasionally but does not smoke, seeks a man that has class, and also one that is humble enough to enjoy life and appreciate every day, one step at a time.

Dariga is openly Muslim, so it’s important to know this going in, understanding, appreciating, and respecting her religion, as well as making an educated, well-researched decision as to whether or not you would like to possibly explore a long-term, meaningful relationship with her.

Although she does not currently have any children, Dariga definitely wants to have children and make a family once she meets the right man. And for any horoscope fans out there, she is a Cancer – or ‘December baby’.

Dariga also really likes and knows her cars, which is a pretty awesome quality to have and make for fun conversation for lots of men out there, and everyday friends.

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